Women, no one knows tomorrow shouldn’t be an excuse for tolerating abuse

Women, no one knows tomorrow shouldn’t be an excuse for enduring bad treatment and tolerating abuse from men in relationships. Stop hurting yourselves.

“Who knows tomorrow?” That’s how people will continue to ruin themselves in a shitty romantic, family or business relationships.

Someone is obviously treating you like a piece of rag soaked in overnight urine, trying to stripe you off of the little self esteem you have left but you still stay put because no one knows tomorrow.

And deep down you know you should outrightly call this person out on his bullshit and take a walk with your dignity intact, but no, you’re there with your long streaks of endurance because….who knows tomorrow?

Why give people that much power to trample on you?

If someone continually disregards your feelings, always treat you condescendingly and makes you question your abilities, why hang on to such a person?

It doesn’t matter if the person has done you a favour in the past, you have to distance yourself from such a person, for the sake of  your mental health.

No one knows tomorrow shouldn’t be an excuse for tolerating abuse

I once asked someone, “Why do you always allowing your boyfriend make you feel so small? Is the guy with your umbilical cord?”

Her reply was that the guy did her a favor in the past and cutting him off from her life would look somehow because she’s still expecting another favor from him. Can you imagine?

She called me recently to say she finally saw the light and decided to stop allowing this guy mess her up and talk down at her as if he’s her god.

“See, I’ve finally decided to cut that guy off permanently. He’s not worth it.”

I said: No, don’t cut him off please. Why not go to the market instead, buy the costliest of perfumes and douse his feet in them daily for 7 days, before he cuts short the oxygen that you breathe?

Written by Oriaku Charles

It is sad that when you tell women to stop tolerating bad behavior from the men they are dating or married to, they will turn against you. They will start calling you a relationship destroyer, a home breaker and a bitter feminist.

They claim you are jealous of their relationship and accuse you of wanting to separate them from the abusive men they are having sex with. It’s sad seeing women make excuses for being treated badly.

No one knows tomorrow doesn’t mean you should become a man’s doormat and allow him treat you like a slave. You should stand up for yourself and set relationship standards.

No one knows tomorrow doesn’t mean you should tolerate abuse from men who don’t care about destroying your self esteem and what makes you unique. Grow some balls and stop dating abusive men.

No one knows tomorrow is not a reason to stay in abusive and life threatening relationships. Nigerian women need to do better and stop coming up with ridiculous excuses just to remain with abusive men.

Women, have sense! To whom brain is given, sense is expected.


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