TY Bello’s touching tribute to late Ibidun Ighodalo

Popular Nigerian photographer, TY Bello’s tribute to the late Ibudun Ighodalo will leave you in tears. She said she won’t ever forget the deceased voice and how she won’t stop dancing after she became a mother.

TY Bello wrote:

“I can’t forget this day and her voice and how she wouldn’t stop dancing. Look at me TY, look at my life, see what God has done for me. Look at my children, why won’t I dance?

Dun-dun, you knew how to say thank you. You’ve had good practice…always big, always exuberant almost overwhelming. I’m learning.

Always intentional, fearless and bold. Always dreaming but ever ready to ‘just do it. I never felt we were good and ready for most of your shoots. I always felt we needed more time to plan, you KNEW we didn’t.

TY Bello’s touching tribute to late Ibidun Ighodalo

TY the shoot is today oo. Don’t worry, we will find a way and we always did. So much beauty is lost on our lives when we procrastinate, I’m learning.

I’ll never forget our last conversation, it occurred to me that in all these years we had never made a ‘regular image’ like a plain head shot.

I laughed at how all her images were either ‘’Angeli – angeli’ or she was tucked passionately under pastor Itua or the kids. ‘You be angel? Pls just bring a simple shirt when this Covid thing is over abeg.’

I didn’t know you were clear about how you wanted to be remembered. I’m learning. I wish you didn’t break us all like you did. You have left us asking so many questions…the how’s, the whys and the maybe if.. but all questions leading us to truth, that every thing the Bible says about how transient our journey here is on earth is is true.

We are like wind, like vapor. We are visitors, like grass…I’m learning. LOVE is what makes us, walking in love Gods way, it makes the song of our spirits heard.

You’ve taught me a lot about LOVE Ibidun in the strangest of ways. Now my eyes are open, I’m learning.

Goodnight and most of all thank you for every single lesson and for the gift your unique friendship.”

This is so touching. May the soul of the departed through the mercies of God rest in peace. Amen.


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  1. Ebube says:

    I hope she rests in peace. amen.

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