Woman, channel your energy into your life instead of begging a man to treat you right

Dear woman, the energy and efforts you put into trying to make a man who treats you like garbage to treat you better can be channeled into bettering your life.

Invest all that energy and efforts into your life and watch yourself flourish away from an abusive man. You need to stop trying to prove your worth to a man who is not willing to see that you are gold.

I remember telling a young lady recently that it is pointless wasting time and efforts on an unwilling man and she told me I was too harsh and that men should be treated like babies.

I reminded her that it is pointless being in a relationship with a man she has to expend so much energy proving her worth to. I reminded her that it takes two willing, committed and loving people to make a relationship work.

You are wasting away. You will do yourself a great favor by staying away from men who put in a position where you have to beg for love, respect and attention. You will live a better life when you stay away from men who don’t value you.

You have to note that getting to this point in your life where you choose yourself over an unloving and irresponsible man is not easy but you have to do what’s best for you.

Invest your energy into your life instead of begging a man to treat you right

In life, you must learn to have your best interest at heart. You have to choose you. You matter. You come first. You have to love and respect yourself before other people can do the same. They follow your lead.

Everything starts with you. You must love yourself. When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, your relationship with other people will be healthy too.

If you operate from a place of self love and respect, there will be no room in your life for toxic and abusive people to chill and take up space.

If you show others that you love yourself, they will have no choice but to fall in line and treat you the way you treat yourself. It is when you don’t love yourself that you give room for another human being to treat you like trash.

Ladies, stop investing energy and efforts in unwilling men. Stop begging to be loved. Stop begging to be accepted. Stop begging to be treated right. Stop begging men to stay in your lives. It’s not worth it.

You are not helpless, you have a choice. Leave unwilling men alone. Leave men who treat you badly alone. Leave these men alone. They will drain you. They will waste your time. They will make lose your self esteem.

Such men won’t change. They won’t suddenly know your worth. They won’t reciprocate your feelings. They won’t match your efforts. Don’t waste time, energy and efforts on shitty men. Stop. Do yourself a favor and leave.

Invest that energy into your life. Invest that energy into learning new skills, starting new businesses, going back to school, making money and improving yourself. You will live a better life that way.



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