10 important things Nigerian parents must teach their daughters

It is important for Nigerian parents to teach their daughters some important things that will help them live free in this patriarchal society.

It is not enough for parents to give their daughters good education without balancing their upbringing with these important qualities that is lacking in today’s women.

It is not enough for Nigerian parents to teach their daughters the importance of hard work, building networks, collaborating with others, being content with whatever they have and not envying other people’s achievements, parents just have to do more.

Today’s parents have to teach their daughters how to pay less attention to whoever or whatever is hurting them and stealing their peace. Daughters need to know to sieve bullshit and disconnecting from unhealthy societal expectations.

10 important things Nigerian parents must teach their daughters


This post written by Joy Isi Bewaji is timely:

“Building networks, collaborations, sisterhood, enabling connections, learning etc… are not the most important things your daughters should know.

Detaching, walking away, discontinuing, sieving BS, disassembling, unenabling, disconnecting, disengaging, unlearning… these are the most important things they should know.

As long as it is a patriarchal society, let them learn the reverse of all the perspire-to-aspire BS.

All of it.

The reverse is what will save them.

Building collaborations in Nigeria is not as important as having the stamina to disengage or discontinue.

That society is insane. It has very little moral fibre. It is easily sworn to mediocrity. It is canal. It cannot discern. It is hungry. It is poor. It is greedy. It is wicked.

It is by far the most ungodly place to be. It is easily provoked to maim. It doesn’t care for truth. It is obsessed with breaking and subservience. It cares nothing at all for honour.

No! Building networks and enabling collaborations are not the important things to teach your daughters.

Disconnecting, disengaging and disallowing with their chest are the most important things.


I agree with her. Nigerian daughters need to grow some spine and say society be damned when it comes to living their best lives.


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