5 ways to handle users as you go through life

A lot of people are users. They go through life using people. These humans think they are wise and other people don’t have sense. They keep taking from people without giving back. I can’t stand such people. They should be far from good people.

But how do you handle people who want to use you? Below are 5 good ways to deal with users while dealing with people:

1. Stop accepting invitations from people who don’t show up to celebrate your milestones. You are not anybody’s fool. If they pretend not to know anything about your success, show them that two can play the game.

2. Stop supporting people who fail to support you, acknowledge your winnings and celebrate your successes. Stop giving room to users in your life. If they are absent when you are rejoicing, make yourself absent during theirs.

5 ways to handle relationship users

3. Stop attempting to connect with energy vultures who only use you for what you bring to the table. Stop relating with users who keep demanding that you give your time, energy, support and loyalty to them while they don’t do the same for you.

4. Stop sharing your light with people who bring darkness into your space. You have to as wise as a serpent to go through life. You have to watch people’s actions instead of getting fooled by their sweet words. Save your energy for other profitable things.

5. Stop saying yes all the time. It is important that you learn how to say no and not feel guilty about it. You must not allow people who don’t know what love and loyalty means to take advantage of your kind heart. You must take care of yourself by protecting your mental health. This is how to deal with people who use you.

I’m always wary of women who keep talking about fake people, frenemies, haters and unsupportive friends because if you look closely, these women don’t genuinely love or support other women. They demand from others what they don’t give and that’s not fair.


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