Decades of marriage without cheating is impossible says a twitter user

A Twitter user, SissGugu said that decades of marriage without cheating is impossible. She tweeted this in light of Jada Pinkett Smith’s affair with August Alsina while she was separated from her actor husband, Will Smith.

While many people disagreed with her tweet, others insisted that she’s right given the way men are patted on the back when they cheat while women are expected to be faithful to their cheating husbands.

Behold the tweet:

“Decades of marriage without cheating is impossible. There will be physical or emotional affairs somewhere. If you can’t tolerate that then marriage is definitely not for you because the true essence of what marriage is supposed to be was lost way before we were born.”

In my opinion, if men are allowed to cheat on their wives because they are polygamous in nature, why are these same men pained that their wives are polyandrous in nature and can have sex with other men too?

If marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman who took vows before God and family and friends to forsake all other and stick to their spouses, why are Nigerian women with cheating husbands advised to ignore their philandering and face their children? What happened to the vows?

Jada Pinkett Smith and husband Will Smith

If fidelity is very important in marriage, why are Nigerian men excused when they cheat and why do people blame their wives for pushing them outside? Does it mean the women can cheat too when their husbands don’t treat them well or when these men are lacking some qualities?

Why are Nigerian men wailing about Jada Pinkett Smith having sex with August while she was separated from her husband Will Smith when married men cheat openly on their wives with different women and people see it as a normal thing?

Why is the world troubled that a woman had sex with another man while she’s still married but turn a blind eye if it was the man who slept with a younger woman while he’s married?

I don’t know why Nigerian men who cheat and expect to be pampered because they are polygamous in nature are wailing that Jada Pinkett Smith cheated on Will Smith and he is still married to her. Funny creatures. You can’t take what you dish right?

Some Nigerians are saying: I see pain in his eyes. I see a broken man. Pray for Will. How many sad and broken women with cheating husbands around them have these religious and sympathetic people prayed for?

Let’s stop with the hypocrisy. Marriage is not easy but men and women shouldn’t be held to different standards when it comes to keeping their marriage vows. Fidelity should be expected from both partners.

If couples can stay faithful, let them opt for an open marriage. That way, none of them will feel cheated if the other one starts having sex with other people.

Jada Pinkett Smith and husband Will Smith

The way being cheated on hurts men is the same way it hurts women. Women don’t have special grace to tolerate cheating, let’s stop fooling ourselves. Women shouldn’t be expected to be faithful while men are allowed to run around cheating. It’s not fair.

Will Smith being in Jada’s position is the status of the world. It is normalized as far as the world is concerned that men are cheats and women have been dealing with it for ages, exchanging fidelity for infidelity. There is nothing new about Will Smith being in his wife’s position.

If it was Will Smith that cheated with a younger woman, it wont even make the news or rile people up like this because Men are characterized by society as being polygamous in nature.

The only reason why this matters and is causing many men and some women sifia pains is that a woman dared to engage in the activities that have been the sole preserve of men.

People are angry because a woman dared to enjoy sexual pleasures while she’s separated from her husband. They expected to close get legs and pretend as if she doesn’t need sex. People are angry because a woman went after her sexual pleasure boldly.

One man is angry that Jada Pinkett didn’t divorce Will before enjoying orgasms with another man. He started quoting the Bible to me and saying all kinds of meaningless things, things he wont tell a cheating man if the shoe was on the other foot.

These men who have sex with strangers while their wives are in hospitals either giving birth or having life threatening surgeries are angry that a woman who was separated from her husband had sex with a younger man. Wonderment!

These people won’t be alright. Nigerian women should start considering open marriage arrangements so that they will stop fighting side chicks and going to jail because of cheating men.


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