Why Nigerian men are angry with Genevieve Nnaji

Some Nigerian men are angry with Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji and they have expressed their anger accordingly.

These men trooped to Guardian Newspaper Facebook page to lash out at the actress because of her quote that was posted there.

According to some of these men, Genevieve Nnaji is a bad influence on young girls and Nigerian women because of her pride and arrogance as a single mother.

Some even threatened her with hell fire for daring to say she does whatever she wants with her life. Her quote didn’t go down with them.

Here’s what Genevieve Nnaji said:

“My own feminism is just human rights. I’m a woman who has rights to her own choices. I can do whatever I want whenever I want. It’s just that simple. If I were a man, it would be the same thing.”

This is all she said that riled some men up so much that they started unleashing their anger on her. One man said that’s why she’s not married because she doesn’t want to submit to a man.

Another man said she’s a bad influence on young girls because she has been a single mother for over twenty years. According to him, a good product doesn’t last long on the shelf.

Why Nigerian men are angry with Genevieve Nnaji

Another man said being free doesn’t mean she should become irresponsible and arrogant. He said she will deceive young ladies who will get married and refuse to submit to their husbands.

Another man quoted different Bible verses in a bid to show that women shouldn’t be free but must be under the control of a man. According to him, women were created to be under men and any woman who doesn’t want to do that will go to hell.

Another man told her to shut up and be humble because humility attracts good men for marriage. According to this man, no good man wants a proud woman he cant control. He advised the actress to get married and stop deceiving ladies with her irresponsible lifestyle.

One man said she’s on the path to self destruction like Bobrisky. He said life is not about wearing fine clothes, living large and debauchery because there are eternal consequence to every action.

Ahhhhhh, Nigerian men…who do una this thing? What is it? All these venom because a woman said she is free to do whatever she wants and whenever she wants it.

Why are Nigerian men so worried about single women and single mothers? Is it by force to get married?

Why are these men threatened by intelligent, hardworking and independent women? Why do they insult women who don’t want to get married?

The desire Nigerian men have to control Nigerian women, their life choices and their decisions is not normal. It’s pure obsession. Their lives begin and end with controlling women.

Nigerian men want to control what women wear, where they go, who they hang out with, how they enjoy sex, if they should enjoy sex at all and what they do with their bodies and time. It’s appalling.

They live to control women and when they can’t control a woman, they shame her with age, marriage or her vagina activities. That is when they start to shame a woman for refusing to fit into their plans. Such pathetic human beings

Why Nigerian men are angry with Genevieve Nnaji

These men are just afraid that women are gradually realising that they are not as valuable as they portray themselves to be. They are afraid of losing that self acclaimed value.

This reveals how emotionally weak most Nigerian men are. They always seek to validate their existence in women’s lives and when they meet women who refuse to recognize their perceived relevance, they get angry.

This is because they know that without women recognizing their so called relevance, they are nothing. They should wake up and smell the coffee. Things are changing fast.

Women don’t have to get married or submit to insecure and irrelevant men just to be accepted by society.

These Nigerian men are angry with Genevieve Nnaji because she’s a single mother who is not looking for a head to submit to, instead she’s talking about freedom and living her life the way she wants. That’s their annoyance.

They are angry that she talked about being free to live her life the way she wants. They are angry that she talked about human rights and how it applies to her.

They are angry that she is not gushing about being a submissive neck to one man. They are angry about her life decision to be a single mother. Bunch of insecure losers.

The funny thing about these men insulting her is that they can’t even construct proper sentences to begin with. I wonder how they talk to the women they are married to.

What is the problem really? Is saying her rights as a woman won’t change even if she was a man wrong? Shouldn’t women have rights in this society?

I love Genevieve Nnaji, Nigerian men should leave her alone to live her life on her own terms, she’s an adult.


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