The worst thing a woman can do to herself

“Young lady, the worse thing you can do to yourself is force yourself on a man who is clearly done with you.

No amount of emotional blackmail will work. It will buy you time no doubt, but time used in running in circles.

And even if the blackmail works, be ready for a bumpy rollercoaster ride.

If you are waiting for a man to tell you it is over between you both, you are sitting on a very long thing and increasing and deepening your frustration level.

Their actions are VERY LOUD!
Unless you’ve got a hearing and seeing problem, dust your ass and move on.

Will it be hurting and painful? Absolutely yes!

After all you spent some useful time in it while it lasted, but life must go on and it shouldn’t be spent dwelling Bcaption id=”attachment_10362″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″] One of the worst things a woman can do to herself[/caption]

There is a huge difference in fighting for a relationship that can be salvaged than in one you know in your heart of hearts has died a long time ago.

Heaven knows I won’t beg a man to love me.
I love myself too much to do that.

Written by Mercedes Okwukogu

I completely agree with this. If a man acts like he needs space, give him so much space that he will become dizzy.

You can’t force someone to love you, that’s a waste of precious time. If it’s not mutual, don’t invest in that relationship.

If you are the only one working hard to keep the relationship going, you are hurting yourself.

If you are the only one making sacrifices, it’s not worth it in the long run.

If you are the only one making compromises, you are wasting away you life.

It takes two willing, loving and committed people to make a relationship work. Stop listening to old wives tale thatk. Stop listening to old wives tale that you have to sacrifice everything to keep a man.

If that man is not matching your efforts, leave him alone!


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