I will be Adeherself, the real King of Queens again says Adedamola Adewale

Last month, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission arrested social media Influencer and Instagram sweetheart,  Adedamola Adewale poularly known as Adeherself alongside four others for internet fraud.

When the news broke, a lot of people were shocked. They trooped to her Instagram page to drop comments asking if her arrest was true or not. A lot of women who followed her on Instagram and shared her funny videos were disappointed.

Some men used the opportunity to bash young women who love to enjoy the good things of life. They used her story as a cautionary tale for Nigerian slay Queens who they claimed can do anything for money.

I started wondering why this same message is not preached to young men who can also do anything for money and social status including killing their parents and siblings for money ritual purposes.

I find it hypocritical that whenever a woman is caught doing something bad, it becomes an opportunity for men to bash women. They spread the story far and wide just to push the narrative that women who love the good things of life are greedy and not to be trusted but they remain silent when a man commits the same crime.


Adedamola Adewale aka Adeherself

I’m not making excuses for Adeherself and other women who commit crimes. I’m just stating what I have noticed with Nigerian men and their twisted agenda to rubbish women all the time while pretending to be saints.

Back to the Adeherself, she met her bail conditions last week and posted a thank you video on her Instagram page four days ago. She promised to be better and is grateful for another chance at life.

A lot of people actually stood by her during her ordeal. They supported her and dropped good will messages on her page. They even tackled the people who came to criticize her on her page with passion.

Today, Adeherself made a post where she revealed that she’s silent over the case based on the instructions of her lawyers but she promised to overcome this difficult time and become the Queen of Kings again.

Adedamola Adewale aka Adeherself

Read her post:

“If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life, it’s to never give up no matter how hard things may get in life.

I am Adeherself, yes I’m cheerful, happy, playful, energetic and free spirited, I won’t deny the fact that right now, I’m in pains and presently going through a phase I never imagined I could ever face in life. 💔

I know I will come out of this victorious, and by the special grace of God with the help of my counselor, I’ll be Adeherself the real King of Queens once again.

To all my lovers out there, I’m sorry I have not been able to say much about what has been going on concerning the whole situation on ground.

Please understand that this still an ongoing case, and I’m following the instructions of my lawyers.

I love you all with all my heart and I assure you that’s Adeherself will be Adeherself once again🥰.”

What do you think?


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