I wish more women would start owning the bankability of their sexuality

I wish more women would start owning the bankability of their sexuality. In other words, I wish more women would be comfortable enough to say “you see this shit, it was gifted to me by a man” without having to tell us she got it through hard work and perseverance and driving keke at Ogbomosho.

There’s nothing wrong with being an independent woman. But being an independent woman and getting spoiled by a lover are not mutually exclusive.

We tell women to stop claiming their lovers bought them gifts they bought themselves. But it appears we need to still remind them to not tag gifts by men “product of grace and hard work”.

It does not reduce your yard of feminism or make you any less of the independent woman you try to portray if you say a man bought you gifts.

God knows that if a man buys me a house, I’m straight up telling everybody. It won’t stop me from posting men are sukum immediately after. It won’t still stop me from telling people most of what I have is through hard work.

Embrace the bankability of your femininity. Men will want to buy you stuff. From ice cream to jewelry to cars to houses.
Embrace it.
Be comfortable.
Flaunt it.

I wish more women would start owning the bankability of their sexuality


Don’t feel like you have to wrap it with a shawl of “my tears and hard work and sweat”.

No, baby. It’s a gift. A fucking gift.

Because you can be a badass independent woman and a loving bitch that makes men dole out cash at the same time.

You don’t have to pick and choose, darling.

Your feminist ticket no go cut.

Written by Ijeoma Chinonyerem

Whenever I see Nigerian women trying so hard to defend themselves against people who are determined to doubt how they make their money, I shake my head.

As long as you are not a criminal and not hurting anyone to make money or acquire physical assets, you don’t owe any misogynist or patriarchy princesses any explanation.

Let them continue talking trash while you continue enjoying your life. Dear Nigerian woman, own your sexuality. Own your decisions. Own your life.

Stop trying to please this society, it is a complete waste of time. This society doesn’t care about you. People will judge you anyway, so why bother?


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