Eucharia Anunobi says you should always reevaluate your friendship with others

Eucharia Anunobi is one Nollywood actress that kept many of us glued to our screens in the 90s due to her acting prowess.

Having dealt a soul crushing blow when her only child died at the age of 15 due to complications of sickle cell anemia, Eucharia Anunobi is now a preacher who uses her social media handles to share life changing messages with her followers.

It is never a dull moment scrolling through her page and reading her insightful posts on life and relationships. I found one of such posts and decided to share with you ladies.

Enjoy this:

“Always reevaluate your friendship with others.

If you are the only one looking out for the growth and sustenance of the relationship or friendship, that association is flawed.

You’re wasting precious energy on INSENSITIVE GOATS. IT’S TIME TO FLUSH THEM OUT.

Better people are besides you, look around and you will see them.

You can’t be the only one that remembers to check on them, call them, send them messages, give them gifts, remember their special days and they make lame excuses..oh sorry dear, l have been so busy. I have issues. I wanted to call you but…


Eucharia Anunobi says you should always reevaluate your friendship with others

I agree with her. It is not worth it to hold to dead friendships. If the person you call your friend doesn’t check up on you, is not interested in your growth or success, forgets your special day and is not making efforts to sustain your relationship, cut them off.

Are friends worth it? Oh yes! Good friends are worth the time. No woman is an island. We all need friends to navigate life. But you have to choose your friends wisely. You don’t have to surround yourself with so many people so you can feel you have friends.

Are these people dependable? Do they have your interests at heart? Do they love and care for you? Do they give you the opportunity to grow, improve, make money and live your authentic life?

You have to know that some friendships are not worth keeping. One sided friendships will drain you just like what Eucharia Anunobi mentioned in her post. You cannot be the only one giving your time, love, care, attention and gifts while they do nothing for you.

If your supposed friend is not matching your efforts to sustain the friendship and you are sure the person is not battling with depression, marital problems, loss of a loved one and terminal illness, you must reevaluate your friendship with them.

How do you know a friendship is worth keeping? You know this if your friend is honest with you, respects you, your beliefs, your values, what you stand for and encourages you to be a better person.

A friendship is worth keeping if your friend isn’t envious of you and your achievements, doesn’t bad mouth you or make you doubt yourself or try to take over your life. If your friend is not leech too, keep the friendship.


Eucharia Anunobi says you should always reevaluate your friendship with others


When should you give up on a friendship? This is a very important question because a lot of women find it hard to let go of dramatic, one sided and fake friendships because they don’t want to be alone. But if you want to live well, avoid certain friendships.

You should give up on a friendship when your friend betrays your trust and doesn’t keep your secrets. You shouldn’t keep an untrustworthy person in your life. It’s not worth the stress.

You should give up on one sided friendships. If you are the only one giving and giving, move back a little and let the receiver go. It takes mutual respect and efforts to keep a friendship.

You should give up on friendships that bring you unending toxicity and drama. If your friend imports drama and toxic behavior into your life, cut that person off. Don’t entertain such behavior.

Let go of critical, negative and pessimistic friends. Life is hard enough to add other people’s pessimism to the mix. If they are good at dismissing your concerns and refuse to stop hurting you with their words and actions, let the person go.

You should give on friendships where you can’t say no to their demands in peace. If they become passive aggressive whenever they don’t get what they want from you, its time to cut them lose and throw the friendship in the trash.

These are signs your friend doesn’t care about you and you gave the right to say enough is enough and let go like Eucharia Anunobi clearly stated in her Instagram post.

It is good to have friends but it’s unfair to be the only one giving love, care and attention in your friendship. Stop allowing other people use your head and hurt your heart. Reevaluate your friendships from time to time.


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