Actresses make themselves vulnerable to sexual harassment says Dayo Amusa

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa said that some actresses, especially up and coming actresses, make themselves vulnerable to sexual harassment by movie producers and directors.

The 37-year-old in an interview with The Nation newspaper, said an adult has every right to say no to predatory men but most upcoming actresses in the industry are the ones running after producers and directors.

Asked if she had experienced sexual harassment in the industry, the actress said: “No, I have not but something similar happened to me in my early years.

A director might see an upcoming actress and say I like you but you cannot be forced and it is so sad that these upcoming actresses are coming to fire the directors and producers to have their wadirectors are the one taking advantage of them. Even the so-called girls as well come in making themselves vulnerable to the producers to get roles fast. So it takes two to tango.”

Actresses make themselves vulnerable to sexual harassment says Dayo Amusa


I agree that it takes two to tango but why is the focus of avoiding sexual harassment on women only? What about teaching men to stop seeing breasts and vaginas everywhere like he goats on heat?

When will Nigerian women in different sectors be bold enough to tell Nigerian men to their faces to stop taking advantage of young girls?

When will these women who speak from both sides of their mouths just to please men be bold enough to call out sexual predators in their chosen fields?

When will women stop blaming victims of sexual harassment because they want the men to see them as wife materials? When?

When will women s? When?

When will women stand united and fight against this system that teaches us that men will always be men but women can avoid by dressing well, refusing their advances and sending them back to their wives?

When are we going to stop pushing this narrative that men don’t have self control? Are they animals? Why is it the responsibility of women to ward of sexual harassment? Who will hold Nigerian men accountable for their predatory actions against women?

This morning, my daughter and I went for a jog and I can count up to six men who catcalled us, made sexual remarks about our bodies, whistled while we jogged and trued to strike a conversation with us. Why?

These are married men. They are some women’s husbands. They see other women as game to be hunted. They lack respect for women and their wives. To these men, any woman they see is food to be eaten.

When will Dayo Amusa will tell Nigerian men to stop disgracing themselves because of sex? Who will keep them accountable? How will these men know what they are doing is wrong if women continue making excuses for them?


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