Why Nigerian women should stop being desperate for love

What does it mean when a girl is desperate?To be desperate means that you derive your happiness from others and can do anything to please people so that they wont leave you.

It is not good for a woman to have this mindset in life. A woman should focus on making herself the best that she can be and enjoy life while she is at it.

She doesn’t have to stop living because she is not dating anyone. When the time is right, she will meet someone who will love and respect her. But desperation won’t allow Nigerian women make good relationship decisions.

Nigerian women should stop being desperate for love. When I hear some of the things young ladies and married women do just to remain in relationships with unloving, irresponsible and heartless men, I pity them.

These men take advantage of the fear of these women and exploit it to the full. Desperation to be loved will attract the wrong man. When a guy smells desperation from you, he will start misbehaving.

How do you know you are desperate for love? You are desperate for love when you focus all your energy on finding love and being in a relationship even if it means putting up with abuse and disrespect.

You are desperate for love when you can’t be happy on your own, when you believe you are nothing without a man and when you stop living your life just to please a man.

Why Nigerian women should stop being desperate for love

Desperation sends the wrong message to men. If you desperate to be loved, you make a lot of compromises so that the man you are with won’t leave you. Desperation screams: “If I don’t have this man, my life will be miserable”.

If you go through life looking for love from different men, you will live a miserable life. Desperation will rob you of the opportunity to enjoy your life and live life to the full.

When you are desperate, you will take anything from anyone, tolerate disrespect and abuse. Woman, stop moving through life in desperation, it makes you a needy woman which attracts the wrong man.

Desperation makes you clingy, always readily available which in turn makes you vulnerable to men who just want to play games with your heart and feelings. When you are desperate, you lose your standards.

Desperation to be loved is a relationship turn off. Contrary to what you believe, you won’t look more attractive on that man’s eyes. You can go over and above to please him but that won’t make him love you more.

Even if he eventually marries you, he will make your life miserable because you won’t have the will power to resist his abuse. He uses your desperation to remain married to his advantage. Is this the kind of life you want for yourself?

Dear Nigerian woman, don’t feel that you can’t live without anyone in this world. That’s not true. That is your neediness speaking. You have your whole life ahead of you and you are complete all by yourself.

Your happiness cannot depend on someone else. In life, people come and go from your life and they change too. You cannot control this but you can control how you respond to this.

You are responsible for your happiness. Don’t look for happiness in men or relationships, you will break your heart. To live your best life, you should find happiness and contentment with yourself first.


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