Policeman arrested for allegedly raping a virgin at gunpoint and impregnating her

A police officer attached to Western Quarry Limited, Sergeant Innocent Yakubu, has been accused of allegedly forcefully having carnal knowledge of a 17-year-old girl, Blessing Asu, Theencounter reported.

According to the report, the solicitor of the victim, Biodun Aboaba of RRA Solicitors and Advocates, the suspect , with Force number 274145 of 71 PMF, Awa-Ijebu Police Command, Ogun State, threatened Miss Blessing with AK47 rifle.

Barrister Aboaba in a petition addressed to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos state, explained that Sergeant Yakubu having forcefully had his way, also threatened to kill the victim if she tells anybody about the rape. This is typical of rapists in position of authority. This is sad.

Blessing, who was a virgin until the ugly incident, opened up when her guardian, Alice Hugbo, discovered she was pregnant, and upon pressure, the victim narrated her ordeal in the hands of the suspect.

Barrister Aboaba said: “Blessing, a virgin, was introduced to sex in the most inhumane way ever by Sergeant Yakubu and started having nightmares immediately after the experience. Poor girl, she lost her virginity to a beast in an inhumane way.

Police officer arrested for rape

“Child rape has assumed an alarming dimension. We do not want this case to be part of the ugly statistic of unresolved and unprosecuted rape cases. We humbly urge your good office to Investigate this matter and swiftly charge the accused to court, theencounter stated.”

Last month, a 32-year-old Nigerian widow alleged that a policeman attached to the Sakpenwa Police Division, Tai Local Government Area, abducted her and took her to a guest house where he raped her at gunpoint for not wearing a face mask, the Daily Nation reported.

The victim was returning from Bori to Port Harcourt when she met some police officers at a checkpoint. They arrested her for not wearing a face mask. After wasting her time, they took her to different places, claiming they want to take her to the police station but never did.

But a heartbreaking thing happened. They took her to a guest house where one of them raped her till dawn at gun point. During her arrest, the victim allegedly sought help by sending a text message even though her rapist threatened to take her cellphone.

When will violence against women and girls end in Nigeria? Why do Nigerian men rape women and girls and still turn around to blame them for their actions? Why do Nigerians blame rape victims instead of their rapists?

Why is there no strict punishment for rape and sexual assault in Nigeria? Why do policemen who are supposed to protect women now rapists who violate them and also threaten to kill them?

Do Nigerian women have hope of stating safe physically and sexually with the way things are going? Where do we go from here?


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