Women don’t exist to please men, raise them or fix them

Women don’t exist to please men. Stop telling women what to do to please men all the time as if their whole lives revolve around men, even irresponsible ones. It’s appalling.

Women don’t exist to fix men. Trying to fix broken, sad and irresponsible men has destroyed many women, this society teaches women to fix men and women waste valuable time and years trying to fix men who don’t even want to be fixed. It’s not worth it.

Women don’t exist to mother men. This is another time waster. If a man’s mother did a terrible job raising him for decades, it is not his wife’s responsibility to try to change him. She should send him back to his parents instead of wasting time trying to mother him.

Women don’t exist to clean up after men. It is sad that this society expects women to clean up after their men. It is as if these men are useless to themselves but they claim to be superior to women. Any man who can’t clean up after himself should be left alone. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Women don’t exist to abandon their dreams for men. This is what many Nigerians call submission. They expect women to abandon their dreams, their well paying jobs and money making ventures just to please insecure men. That’s suicide mission. Any man who feels threatened by his wife’s success is an enemy of progress.

Women don’t exist to stop living for men. A woman is expected not to have a life after she’s married. This society demands that women spend all their time tending to their husbands, homes, children and in-laws. It’s like a woman’s life is over once she gets married. Her social life is frown at. She’s expected to cut off her friends just to please her husband. Such nonsense.

Women don’t exist to please men, raise them or fix them

Women don’t exist to obey men. This one scatters my head. You do something as a woman and people rush to reprimand you because you disobeyed an almighty man. A woman is expected to say yes to everything a man says and not have a mind of her own because a man has penis. Very funny.

Women don’t exist to have men’s babies. It is sad that this society doesn’t care about women or their bodies. This is why women are told to keep having babies for irresponsible, abusive and wicked men. These women are advised to endanger their health to give these men male children even if it is clear that they might die doing so.

Women don’t exist to dress for men. Whenever I hear some guys say women dress for men, I start laughing. These men think women do everything to get their attention yet women are the emotional ones. Women dress to look good, to feel good and not to please men or impress them.

Women don’t exist to sexually please men. This is not why women are in this world. The notion that women must do everything possible to sexually please men so that these men won’t look outside or cheat on their women is wrong. It is sad that this society teaches men to feel entitled to women’s bodies. It is the reason men rape women. It is sad.

Women don’t exist to suffer for men. This society claims that women who suffer with men or suffer for them will be rewarded when things get better. We all know this is a big, fat lie. Women, you don’t have to suffer with a man or suffer over him so that he will reward you with marriage. Stop wasting your time suffering for nothing.

Women don’t exist for men. Women weren’t created for men. Women didn’t come to this world to live and die for men. They have their own goals, dreams and plans about their own lives. This society should stop hounding women with living for men.

Women exist for themselves. They exist to live their own lives, to enjoy sex, to pursue their dreams, to dress to their tastes and to be whoever they want to be. Women live to be the best.


I am a woman who is passionate about empowering other women to live their best lives and be free from unhealthy societal expectations. I'm a journalist and a columnist with a reputable media house. I educate, inspire and encourage women to embrace their uniqueness fully. I am a mother to an intelligent girl. I love perfumes.

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  1. Peter Jonah JP says:

    While i agree with you on some, i dare to say that, if you are rigid with this your opinion, you may not likely have a successful marital life

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