Stop spending money on a girl because you want her to love you

Reno Omokri said men should stop spending money on girls who are not interested in them because they want these girls to love them.

According to him, men who spend money on girls because they want to be loved are watering their greed because that is not how love grows.

“Dear men, no matter how much you water a dead plant, it won’t produce flowers. Stop spending money on a girl because you want her to love you. That is not how love grows. You are only watering her greed. A girl that loves you will love you for you.”


I don’t advise anyone to buy love. It’s not worth the stress. If a man or woman clearly doesn’t love you and is not attracted to you, don’t try to buy their love with money. You will hurt yourself.

Men, stop spending money on a girl because you want her to love you

While it is true that money makes romance sweeter, it cannot buy love. At most, it can buy sex. So most Nigerian men are paying for sex not love from different women.

Some women believe that it is easier to fall in love with a rich person, as money can generate circumstances that are more favorable for love, and living with someone who is wealthy can make life easier.

But what I find funny about this particular topic is that Nigerian men who go after women for sex love to complain about women demanding money from them.

You know you don’t love a woman but you lie to her about having deep feelings for her just because you want to have sex but you start whining when another woman refuses to look at you twice unless you spend money on her. Life is give and take brother.

Human beings love and need money. Whether we like it or not, our world revolves around it because money prompts and funds most of our life choices. Love without money is hard.


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