Chadwick Boseman: Women all over the world mourn the talented actor with heartfelt tributes

With the sudden death of Chadwick Boseman, many women on social media have unanimously agreed that the world needs kindness.

These heartbroken women took to their walls to talk about why humans should stop judging people they don’t know the secret battles they are fighting.

Some of them revealed that some Twitter users were making fun of the late Chadwick because of his drastic weight loss without knowing he was battling colon cancer.

Natalie Ewaen A. Usen wrote:

These pictures remind me to always be kind. Who would have known he was battling terminal cancer?

I remember when I didn’t have where to sleep and someone was shaming me for the way I looked.

Life. Let’s remember to be kind and treat others with compassion always.

Some people are fighting battles that would drown you….

RIP T’Challa

Kate Nnanna Ibemgbo wrote:

Chadwick Boseman had stage 5 colon cancer and yet went about putting smiles on the faces of children and adult alike worldwide!

He was not slowed down by what he was going through. DO not let your conditions or situations slow you down.

Go back to your maker EMPTY or at least not with all HE gave you to give the world. Time ticks, get to work.

Rest in POWER my brother. May the Sun of glory brighten the way for you! #wakandaforever

Chadwick Boseman and Kamala Harris

Kemi Adetiba wrote:

Dear 2020… I’m not understanding. I feel like I’ve been whiplashed. I have no words.
Actually, I do and they are quite a lot. I really should write a blog on how he’s sudden death not only shook me, but gave me post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I do hope I get round to it, but if there’s anything we should take away from this remarkable performers death, it’s that we should LIVE while we are ALIVE and not only LOVE heavily on our loved ones, but also TELL THEM we love them.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt (through experience) this 2020, it is that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. REST IN POWER, Black King!
Rest knowing you did more in 43 years than many have done in a lifetime.

Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli wrote:

“What a huge loss! This one hit hard. The fact that he battled cancer for 4 years and shot those amazing movies between countless surgeries and chemotherapy is the reason why we must be kind. You don’t know people’s secret battles. Rest King. Rest! #ripchadwickboseman”

Hollywood actress Angela Basset who played the late Chadwick’s mother in Black Panther is heartbroken. She wrote:

“It was meant to be for Chadwick and me to be connected, for us to be family. But what many don’t know is our story began long before his historic turn as Black Panther. During the premiere party for Black Panther, Chadwick reminded me of something.

He whispered that when I received my honorary degree from Howard University, his alma mater, he was the student assigned to escort me that day.

And here we were, years later as friends and colleagues, enjoying the most glorious night ever!

We’d spent weeks prepping, working, sitting next to each other every morning in makeup chairs, preparing for the day together as mother and son.

I am honored that we enjoyed that full circle experience. This young man’s dedication was awe-inspiring, his smile contagious, his talent unreal.

So I pay tribute to a beautiful spirit, a consummate artist, a soulful brother…”thou aren’t not dead but flown afar…”. All you possessed, Chadwick, you freely gave. Rest now, sweet prince.”

Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. During that time, he delivered Civil War, Marshall, Black Panther, Infinity War, Endgame, 21 Bridges and Da 5 Bloods to us while battling his illness for four years.


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