Father who has been defiling his 4-year-old daughter cut her vagina for easy entry

In Ikot Ofon Ikono, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, 38-year-old Peter Sunday Etim has been defiling his daughter since she was one year till now that she is four. He then used scissors to cut up her vagina for easy entry.

In a telephone interview with the girl’s mother, Emem Peter Etim, a mother of 3, she admitted that her husband started fingering the daughter Ubokobong Peter Sunday since she was one year old.

She had cautioned him to stop but he never did until last week when he used scissors to cut up her vagina for easy entry and she could take it anymore and had to report to the police.

On why she kept quiet from the first day, Emem said she hoped that he would change but cutting her vagina became the last straw for her.

Father who has been defiling his 4-year-old daughter cut her vagina for easy entry

On what medical treatment the baby has received, Emem said she has not received any because she can’t afford it but only uses boiled water and makes her sit on it.

Currently in the police custody, one wonders if it will not go the same way other rape cases have gone.

By Ubasinachi Wise


Where do Nigerian women find the kind of animals they are married to? What kind of mother would watch her animal husband defile her helpless daughter since she was one until the mad man decided to use scissors to cut her vagina?

Why do Nigerian women prefer to cover up the atrocities of the beasts they are married to at the detriment of their daughters safety and well being?

I hope journalists and human rights activists in Uyo won’t allow the police sweep this case under the carpet. This is one of the most heartbreaking story I have read in recent times.

May that little girl get justice and may that beastly father of hers never have peace all the days of his perverted life. Animal.


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  1. Ebube says:

    the fact that the woman knew is so disgusting!

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