Mother of two is fighting for her life after boyfriend axed her for shrinking his manhood with mysterious powers

A mother of two in her early 30s is currently struggling for her life after the father of her two children allegedly struck her with an axe after a disagreement between the estranged love birds following allegations by the suspect that the victim used mysterious powers to shrink his manhood.

The victim identified as Augustina Jowho Broma, was struck on the head and spin by her estranged boyfriend, Anthony Edijala, aged 39 who has since been arrested by the police.

The victim’s brother, Felix Broma disclosed that his sister was rushed to the General Hospital, Ughelli where she is receiving medical attention having received several surgical operations amidst fears of partial paralysis.

The woman on a hospital bed

Witnesses at the scene of the incident told Vanguard Newspaper that it took the timely intervention of some policemen who rushed to the scene of the incident to rescue the suspect from an angry mob that had beaten him to a pulp.

Confirming the incident to Vanguard, a security source said the suspect had confessed to the crime and admitted that him (suspect) and the lady in question had a disagreement after they both separated with the suspect acknowledging that his action was a mistake.

The source who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “He had accused the victim of being the brain behind the shrinking of his manhood which he claimed used to be bigger than its present size, an incident that also contributed to the crack in their relationship.

“On the day of the incident, he said he had gone to the shop of the victim in an attempt to see his kids when they had an argument with the suspect grabbing an axe while trying to defend herself which he grabbed and used to strike her.”

The kind of stories we hear these days leave one speechless and scared. It is not by force to be in a relationship. People shouldn’t kill or be killed for a relationship.

This woman is in so much pains, I feel for her. May she recover soon. I wish her the best in life.


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