UNIBEN student allegedly strangled to death inside a hotel by suspected ritualist

An undergraduate of University of Benin, Miss Chinenye Promise Nwoye, has reportedly been strangled to death inside a hotel room in Abagana, Anambra State.

According to ABS Radio, the circumstances that led to her death are still shrouded in mystery, although she was believed to be a victim of scammers or kidnappers, who lured her into the hotel for ritual purposes on August 27, 2020.

According to investigations, the usual commercial activities are still ongoing at the facility at Abagana, with customers lodging without documentation.

It was gathered that her mother, Mrs. Chinyere Nwoye, and a member of her family fellowship, Brother Jude Okoye, rushed to the hotel shortly after the deceased informed them via phone calls that she was in danger.

The victim Chinenye Promise Nwoye

They later accused the hotel management of complicity in her painful death through their actions and or inactions, calling on government and human rights groups to unveil the killers.

They said the deceased had called to say she needed her ATM pin number to free herself from “kidnappers”.

Two suspects — including a staff of the hotel who were reportedly arrested by the Police over the incident were said to have been released, fueling the suspicion of an intense pressure to sweep the matter under the carpet. 📸: ABSradiotv

Poor girl. May her soul rest in peace. May her killers have no peace or rest until they pay for their crimes. Day by day, this world becomes scarier. You don’t know who to trust anymore.

People move about with dead conscience and evil hearts hurting, killing and robbing others without blinking. They kill their fellow human beings as if they will live forever.

The sad thing about cases like these is that the police force which is supposed to get justice for this girl will turn the whole case around and start threatening her family because of money.

They might even start blaming the victim for being in the wrong place at the wring time. Some Nigerians might even label the deceased a runs girl, slay queen or prostitute as if her life doesn’t count for anything. Sighs!


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