My wife is a liar and a gold digger Nightlife King, La Scatter responds to sexual molestation allegations

Popular nightlife King, Temidayo Lucky Kafaru aka La Scatter, has responded to the sexual molestation allegation made against him by his estranged wife, Diana Faith Logico aka Ododo Yankee Dudu. He revealed that she isn’t a saint at all.

In a report by Michael Soyebo of Sahara Weekly, Temidayo revealed that his estranged wife is allegedly a gold-digger, an escort and a violent woman who has assaulted him on several occasions. He went ahead to state that he was trapped into a forced marriage by his wife and his mother-in-law, Edwina Logico.

The report said that the duo met in March 2019, and four weeks later, Diana’s mother informed him that her daughter was pregnant.

In a bid to avoid shame despite warnings he received from people that she was an escort, he went ahead to marry her in a poised wedding ceremony in August 2019. According to him, he still has debts uncleared as a result of the event.

My wife is a liar and a gold digger La Scatter responds to sexual molestation allegations

It is also said that during their honeymoon in Ghana, Diana slapped her husband three times over a minor argument. Temidayo revealed that his mother-in-law is the mastermind behind Diana’s behavior to the extent that he was manipulated to sign an agreement with extremely ridiculous demands that he must fulfill to enable them live their affluent lifestyle.

Temidayo denied the sexual molestation allegations leveled against him saying it was a set-up by Diana and her mother. He said he had been beaten by thugs allegedly hired by Edwina and arrested by the police on different occasions.

However, he confessed that he was deceived, thinking Diana and her mother were of Benin royalty. He noted that he has been ripped off everything he had by them. He reiterated that his estranged wife and mother-in-law are working tirelessly to bring him down.

Who do we believe now? What is happening in the world these days? It’s not by force to get married in the first place. People should know this.


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