Being a girlfriend is not a job, men stop giving your girlfriends money advises Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has advised Nigerian men to stop giving women money. According to him, men should stop giving women who are not their wives, daughters and sisters money.

He noted that there are many jobs on earth but being a man’s girlfriend is not a job and a relationship is not a business transaction.

Reno Omokri wrote:

There are many jobs on earth: Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer etc. Being a girlfriend, however, is NOT a job. A relationship is not a business.

Reno Omokri

The word STINGY should NEVER be used by a woman to describe any man that is not her husband or father.

Only a woman who wants to STING a man accuses him of being STINGY. What right does a girlfriend have to make such an accusation?

Your boyfriend can’t cheat on you, and can’t be stingy to you, because he is NOT your husband. He has NO DUTY to you.

Only beggars accuse others of being stingy. A worker can’t accuse her boss of being stingy. You work and are paid.


A businesswoman can’t accuse her customer of being stingy. You charge and they pay. Being a girlfriend is neither a job or a business.

Dear men, Stop giving any woman that is not your wife, daughter, mother or sister, money. It is not your duty.

In fact, they will smile when you have to give. But the day you no longer have, they won’t understand. You automatically become stingy.

If you regularly give your girlfriend money because you are scared of losing her, you are a fool. You WILL still lose her. Why? All men MUST face financial famine at least once in a lifetime. If money is the glue, you will have no clue.

Even if you give a girlfriend money because you want her love (money love isn’t love), another man can give her more than you do.

Only STUPID men engage in bidding wars over women, when their mates are bidding for oil blocs and companies.

The only time women get more money then men is in relationships. Men earn more than women in the corporate world.

If feminism means equality, let us apply it in relationships. Feminism must mean men shouldn’t be expected to foot a girlfriend’s bill.”


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