Nigerian teen girls develop app to help Dementia patients

A group of Nigerian girls living in Ireland have won an international tech competition with an app that helps people with dementia.

Three teens took first place in Technovation Girls, a contest challenging young women and families to use technology to address real-world problems.

They built an app that helps people living with memory loss associated with old age, also known as dementia.

Rachel Akano, Margaret Akano, and Joy Njekwe defeated over 1000 entries from 62 countries with their amazing app named Memory Haven, Within Nigeria reports.

Their app, Memory Haven, was on one of 16 finalists at the Technovation World Summit, taking the senior girl’s division and being named People’s Choice.

In all, nearly 2,000 entrants from more than 60 countries entered the competition.

Memory Haven has a half-dozen features targeting memory loss and speech and recognition problems – all of which are  key issues faced by people with dementia.

Photo albums allow users to view tagged photos and identify who is in the image, while a reminder feature alerts both patients and caregivers when its time for medication.

Memory games in the app allow users to ‘to put their cognitive ability to the test while promoting memory retention in a fun way and improving focus and speed,’ Rachael Akano, 16, told NPR.

The results from the games are kept in the app, helping doctors monitor their ongoing condition.

In an interview, one of the app developers, Joy, said the app has six features: some of which are a music playlist, reminder alerts, photo wallet, and a memory.

The girls said they hope their software gets to as many people as possible and help them so that those suffering from dementia can have an easier life.

Rachel said they were motivated to build the app when their mentor’s mother, a tailor, died as a result of the medical condition.

She went ahead to say that the hardest part about creating the app was coding, adding that the coronavirus pandemic also made it hard for the group to meet face-to-face.

As a way out, they had to coordinate tasks through a virtual means. The oldest of the trio, 17-year-old Magaret, said that they hope their innovation will make other young people go into tech.


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