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Caught in the middle 6: Life’s unpredictable twists

Even though Uloma cried and begged Odogwu not to abandon her in the village, he did just that. He left her in her uncle’s house and didn’t look back. When Uloma inquired about Nnenna...


Caught in the middle 3: Life’s unpredictable twists

The arrival of Uloma’s second girl child was a huge disappointment to her husband. He told her that he didn’t marry her to be giving birth to girls. He told her that her days...


TV host, Eku Edewor is expecting!

Screen diva and On-air personality, Eku Edewor has been rumoured to be 7 months pregnant and her due date is October. Rumours circulating about town was her boyfriend of two years, Chini Odogwu, who is...