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Caught in the middle 8: Life’s unpredictable twists

Mr. Onyema constantly visited Uloma after the birth of her son and tongues started wagging. But to Uloma, he was like her guardian Angel sent from above to make her life easier. People started...


Man allegedly beats eight-month pregnant wife to death

37-year-old Matthew Ankyoor allegedly beat his eight-month pregnant wife to death. An FCT High Court recently ordered his remand. The judge, Justice Peter Affen, adjourned the case until November 16 for the hearing of...


700 pregnant women infected with HIV in Bayelsa

A United State-based non-governmental or­ganisation (NGO), PACT has revealed that 700 pregnant women have been infected with HIV in Bayelsa State. According to PACT, out of the 50,000 preg­nant women tested in the state...