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Different reasons men and women go to church in Lagos


You don’t want to stand in the way of a Lagosian hurrying off to church on Sunday morning. From the rush to wake up early to the rush to get dressed and then there is the anxiety to get to church on time so as to sit in their favourite sections without hassles.

Different reasons men and women go to church in Lagos
Different reasons men and women go to church in Lagos

And then you see those rushing danfo buses just to catch up with services in their different churches as well as those driving like men and women being chased by mad men from their villages beating even traffic lights in the process.

But amidst this race against time, many of these church goers don’t have adequate answers for anyone who ask them why they go through such immense pressure to get to church every Sunday.

But we know that there are different reasons why men and women go to church on Sundays in Lagos even though they act all holy and pious after leaving the church premises:


Many women go to church every Sunday for different reasons. For single ladies, it is an opportunity to land a worthy suitor. These ladies flock to different churches on Sunday just to try their luck and see if they can hook up with a brother for life.

Another reason why many women flood Lagos churches on Sundays is to pray for children. Many women having delay in conception believe that church attendance will make God answer them speedily and bless them with children.

For yet others, it is a perfect opportunity to show off the new dress, jewellery, handbag, shoe or gele they recently bought. These individuals will not stay in a place during service. They will keep visiting the toilet so that other ladies can see what they wore to church.


For some women, going to church every Sunday means escaping form the harsh reality they face at home. Some of these women married to terrible men use church attendance to escape their reality at home. These women will never miss any service. They will even attend all the mid-week services, wait for meetings after church and even do vigils for many days all in a bid to escape.


Most men will tell you that they only go to church just to please madam. You will recognize them immediately in church because they appear lost and out of place. They only go to church to fulfill all righteousness.

Another reason men rush to church on Sunday mornings is to pray for more money. money to a man is like water is to a fish. Someone said a man who goes to church doesn’t have money.

For some men, going to church means networking time. They go for business deals and not necessarily to make heaven or seek after righteousness. These men have a mission and they do anything to fulfill it.

Another set of men go to church on Sunday just to find babes. Yes, there are many fishes in the river they will tell you. Even the house of God is not spared of their escapades. These men look for unsuspecting females to deceive all in the name of God.

But then, there are few men and women who go to church every Sunday just to serve God and seek His ways. But there are so many characters in Lagos churches these days that you find it hard to differentiate between the real worshipers and those who came just for show. God help Lagosians.

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  2. Dumx says

    Four over four. Madam Kay Kay, you really kill d matter for here. God is awesome. Abeg make I bath dey go church, today na sunday

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