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10 life lessons parents teach their children to prepare them for success


When you ask parents their plans for their children, you get the same answer. They want the best for them. It is the universal goal of good parents.

They work hard towards creating the best home, the best upbringing, the best school, the best life for their children irrespective of their social class.

It is not a hidden fact that great parents simply want their children to have the optimum chance of success in life. Regardless of outside influences, these parents strive to instill values in their children to ensure they grow up to be healthy, responsible, successful adults.

Parents who want their children to be successful in life teach them the 10 values outlined below.

1. They teach respect

Parents should instill a sense of respect in their children. Not just respect for all human beings and living things, but respect for everything in the world. Parents should show their children the value of respect as well.

2. They teach tolerance

Parents need to teach their children how to tolerate all other human beings on the planet. It does no good to look down on others; rather children should learn to help their fellow man when in need since they may find themselves in need of help one day.


3. They teach responsibility

Parents should teach their children how to take responsibility for their actions. By going easy on your children when they do wrong, you ultimately are doing a disservice to them. It may be hard to discipline them but look at it that you are doing the right thing for their future.



4. They teach self-control

Parents should teach their children self-control because children who learn how to control themselves will quickly become independent adults.

5. They teach honesty

Children need to learn to be honest, with others and with themselves. An honest child will grow into a trustworthy adult whose career will flourish. It’s important for parents to instill in children the idea that, even if they do something they weren’t supposed to, it’s better to tell the truth about it rather than lie to avoid punishment.

6. They teach integrity

Children should be taught that having a high-paying job, a huge mansion, and fine cars mean nothing if they were gained through ill-gotten ways. Parents should teach their children honesty and how to have integrity at all times. They must always do what’s right, even when no one’s around.

7. They teach perseverance

So many children are so scared of failing that they never try new things. To raise successful kids, parents need to teach them that it’s totally okay to fail. What isn’t okay is to stop trying because of set backs.

Children need to know that failure is not the end of something, but is one of the many pathways to success. Their dream life will never simply “come true,” but they can earn it with hard work and perseverance.

8. They teach gratitude

Parents should teach their children to be grateful every day, for the things they have, and the people who care about them. They should be showed how to give thanks, such as doing chores without being asked, spending time with a relative, or writing a thank you note to a teacher for no special reason other than to give them credit for the hard work they do.

9. They teach life skills

In between instilling values and teaching life lessons, parents also must remember to teach life skills to their children. Teach them how to wash dishes, clean the bathroom, mow the lawn, change a tire, and how to cook. Teach them to make a list of errands to do on a daily basis.

10. They are role models

Absolutely none of this can be done if you, as the parent, don’t model it for them. Do as I say not as I do doesn’t cut it for today’s children. Parents need to better persons than they have ever been in their lives for the benefit of their children.



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