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Woman, know your worth


Woman, know your worth.

You need to know where to draw the line between being loved and being abused.

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you when someone is not right for your life, your dreams and your future.

You will know when a relationship is right for you. It will enhance your life and not complicate your life.

Know the difference between what you are getting and what you deserve.

You may not be able to control who comes into your life, but it is your right to know how and when to let go when you are being treated badly.

Life is too short not to live happy and fulfilled.


Women should learn to love with all their hearts but they must not forget their brains in Mars in the process.

I don’t get why a woman would put her life on hold for a man who keeps disrespecting her.

Why would you keep holding on to someone who has told you countless times through his words and actions that you mean nothing to him?

He disrespects you.

He lies to you.

He cheats on you.

He puts you down before friends and family.

He doesn’t consult you before taking important decisions

He doesn’t care about you.

Infact, he doesn’t love you.

Yet, you keep parading him as fiance.

You are buying aso ebi for an imaginary wedding to a man who is not interested in you.

You are fasting and praying for God to touch the heart of a man who doesn’t give a hoot about you.

You are feeding him, fucking him, clothing him and housing him.

What is wrong with you?

Stop trying to change someone who doesn’t want to change.

Stop giving chances to someone who abuses your forgiveness.

Stop walking back to the place where you are clearly not wanted.

Stop ignoring his words and actions. It is not the devil doing him. You don’t matter to him.

Stop being cheap.

Woman, just stop it.

Stop breaking your own heart.

Move on.

Your desperation is only hurting you.

Love is not one sided.

If he doesn’t feel the same way, leave him alone.


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