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Tonto Dikeh, her Lexus and that video which suddenly surfaced


Tonto Dikeh is at it again.She displayed her car and some angry Nigerians went to dig up her soft porn video.

It’s pathetic that many people are so sad about their miserable existence that they can’t stand another person’s happiness.

If you are so angry with your life that you stalk other people who are striving day by day to make a living just to find out new things about them that you can destroy, you are a wimp.

I don’t get why someone would dig up some video about Tonto Dikeh because her husband is spoiling her with expensive gifts.

What is your business with what she had done is still doing with her vagina?

Is it your vagina?

With all the problems plaguing this world, you are eating yourself up because a young woman’s husband is spoiling her silly, something you wished you would enjoy but your vampire heart keeps chasing good things away from you.

You can share as many videos as you want about her, your life will not improve.


You will remain a miserable loser.


Tonto's Car
Tonto’s Car

But know it that gone are the days Nigerian women are shamed with the stories of their vaginas.

Every vagina has a story.

And it is only the owner of the vagina that can tell it correctly.

You cannot tell it on her behalf because you don’t know it all.

You cannot keep trying to bring her down with her vagina story either, it doesn’t work anymore.

If you like dig up her past when you see her happy in her relationship just to slut shame her, you will fail.

Women are telling their stories themselves.

They are living their lives the way they want.

Be happy for them or go hang yourself, sadists.

Why did this video surface now?

Is it your vagina?

Now back to the story…

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, was surprised by her hubby who got her a 2017 Lexus  LX 570.

The excited mum of one took to Instagram on October 19, 2016, to make the huge revelation.

I am indeed speechless by you love for me. Everyday I applaud myself for marrying such an awesome husband as you. Thank u MY DEAREST husband for gifting me such a wonderful gift as dis cutie (LEXUS LX 570 2017).

May God bless and enrich u dearly for me, you SHALL KNOW NO LACK.

Your Love has made me a better woman and I am grateful to God for letting our paths cross.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,” she wrote alongside some photos of the new ride.

And it was not the first time her husband Oladunni Churchill dazed her with an expensive gift. Before the Lexus, he surprised her with an i phone 7 Rose Gold.

She shared a photo of the newly released phone on Instagram, writing, “Always wanted A pink phone. Thank You Baby… #Iphone7.

Tonto Dikeh and her husband celebrated their first wedding anniversary on August 29, 2016.

Drama however started after her ex claimed that her car can’t even by the wristwatch of his current girlfriend.

Nigerians feasted on the story.

And then a video surfaced of Tonto Dikeh acting sex scenes.

And I ask, why did it surface now?

Why are people so evil and can’t stand another person happy?

What you sow is what you will reap.

Keep eating up yourself, Tonto is having a blast with her man.

If you are so angry about that, you can excuse yourself from this world and leave people alone to live their lives, happy and in peace.


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