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Parents of banker paraded for hiring assassins to kill her ex-husband reveal she was set up


Parents of female banker, Oluchi Onyeabuchi (nee Mbonu) who was paraded last week for allegedly hiring assassins to kill her estranged have cried out that their daughter was set up.

Her father, Mr. Azubuike Mbonu revealed that his daughter is innocent of the charges against her because she doesn’t have a reason to kill her estranged husband. He said she has been living with them since January 12 when her husband Tochukwu Onyeabuchi sent her parking.

Mr. Mbonu revealed that since Tochukwu came into his family, they have not known peace. He narrated the many incidences of violence his daughter suffered at the hands of Tochukwu for the period of time they were married.

Tochukwu Onyeabuchi on hospital bed after the acid and machete attack
Tochukwu Onyeabuchi on hospital bed after the acid and machete attack

According to him, one of his beatings forced her into early labour while she was pregnant and she delivered their daughter at 7 months. Even though he beat their daughter, they believed it was a spiritual attack because of the way he crawls back to beg them for her to return home.

He revealed that after Tochukwu was attacked, his daughter rushed to his side to tend and care for him. She even wrote his police statement for him and for the two days she took care of him, she didn’t go to work. So, her arrest and parade came as a rude shock to them because she harbours no ill feelings towards Tochukwu.

Oluchi Onyeabuchi’s mum, Edna Mbonu speaks:

“My daughter is innocent of the crime she was said to have committed. I know my daughter very well, she did not send anybody to kill her husband.

Tochukwu used to beat my daughter. One day, my daughter called me and said: “Mummy, I’m inside the toilet, Tochukwu locked me inside the toilet after beating me.”


Amidst tears, she said, ”I don’t have any son staying in Onitsha. All my sons are dead. How come Nigerian police alleged that my daughter told the hired assassins to drive the SUV down to Onitsha. I don’t have any Son staying in Onitsha. My daughter is innocent and did not send any body to kill her husband.”

She noted that many times, she advised her daughter against provoking her estranged husband whenever he is angry, but that didn’t solve their many marital problems too. Mrs. Mbonu is pleading with Nigerians and the relevant authorities to help her daughter get the justice she deserves.

Solicitors for Oluchi, Olayinka Abimbola Balogun & Co has sent a an urgent request for proactive re-investigation into her case to the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Onikan Zonal Headquarters, Lagos State.

The petition gave a background of the violent marriage Oluchi had endured while her marriage to Tochukwu lasted before she was eventually kicked out in January 2016. It also quoted his constant lines of abuse as ”I will destroy your reputation so no other man would be able to come near you. I will cause trouble so that you will be sacked from work and you will end up coming back to beg me for money.”

The petition posed some questions. They are as follows:

  1. What is Oluchi’s brother’s name, address and phone number who was to receive the car in Onitsha?
  2. What is the name of the 3rd accomplice at large? Was it the 3 suspects including the one at large that attacked Mr. Tochukwu in his home?
  3. How long did they all they plan the failed assassination? Where was their mutual meeting points or communication means such as calls, text messages and emails?
  4. Why was Oluchi picked up by 11pm and suddenly paraded at 10am the next day alongside the robbers with Tochukwu’s car without adequate investigation linking her up to his crime?
  5. What was the payment or gratification Oluchi promised these suspected assassins for the job?
  6. Why is her estranged husband who was attacked with acid and matchete suddenly agile and strong and granting press briefings to Television stations and even giving malicious reports to newsmen like a film star thereby fulfilling his promise of tarnishing our client’s image.

”We humbly request for neutral, unbiased investigation by your good office to ensure that justice is done and hope this case of implicating our clients by the suspects is not an act similar to drowning men, trying to drag along others with them, the petition read.”

It was signed by Olaseni Oladapo Ajayi .Esq and Emeka Kambia .Esq



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  2. queen says

    The truth will prevail.

  3. Angel says

    This case is pregnant .. It’s about to give birth to a bouncing real TRUTH…

  4. Lina says

    As far as I know, Oluchi can’t hurt a fly. Have known her for quite some years and I know she will be vindicated.

  5. DiReal says

    My own Oluchi that I know can’t hurt a ant, this is a malicious setup and God will expose the truth in no distant time.
    -DiReal Don Classy

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