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Nigerian mothers, teach your girls self love


Dear Nigerian mothers, let us teach our girls self love.

Let’s change the narrative.

Stop stampeding your daughters into wrong relationships.

Let them know that it is not wrong to receive as much love as they give.

Let our girls know the difference between love and manipulation.

Let them know that it takes two people to make a relationship work.

Let them know that showing love is how much disrespect they can tolerate from a man.

Let them know that love is a beautiful experience with two people who are willing to make their relationship work.

A woman and her daughter
A woman and her daughter

Today’s mothers owe it to their daughters to teach them that it’s not their responsibility alone to make their relationships work. It’s takes a committed and willing man and woman to make their relationships successful.

Teach your daughters to stop excusing and pampering men with bad behaviour.

Teach your daughters that they shouldn’t entertain a man who doesn’t thirst to be with them.

Teach your girls that they need men who appreciate their efforts as well as they appreciate theirs.

Teach your girls that if they are capable of loving their men enough to support their dreams, they shouldn’t tolerate indifference from their men when it comes to building their own dreams.

Teach your girls that there is more to life than marital status. Let them know that marriage is a stage in life and not a do or die affair. Teach them self sufficiency.

Nigerian mothers, stop teaching your daughters how to tolerate abuse. Teach them to have self respect.

Stop pressurizing your daughters to settle down for any man that comes their way even if he treats them badly and shows a blatant lack of respect for their person.

Build their self esteem.

Nigerian mothers marriage is not the ultimate achievement in your daughters’ life.

Stop pushing these girls into the wrong hands just because you want to show off to your friends that all your daughters are married.

Stop telling your daughters that there are no good men because you want them to settle for just anyone just to be called the mother of a married woman.

Teach your daughters that hard work, respect for others and diligence are more important than their marital status.



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