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10 signs your husband still loves his ex


An ex can still be present in your relationship if your man hasn’t stopped loving her even if you are now the woman he is dating.

It can be hard for some people to heal from a past love that has a profound impact on their life and heart. However it can be quite painful to find out that your partner is not yet over his ex.

It is heartbreaking to know that after years of investing your emotions in a relationship, you have been a rebound partner all this while.

There’s no point in driving yourself crazy about this issue. You just need to recognize it and act accordingly.

To find out if your suspicions are true, here are 10 subtle signs you need to watch out for which will tell you if your husband still loves his ex or not.

Signs your husband still loves his ex
Signs your husband still loves his ex

He is still angry with his ex

At first your husband being angry at his ex may seem contrary to him still being in love but things may not seem so incredible when you consider that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. And your husband’s emotions of anger or pain are anything but a sign of indifference. The very fact that your husband continues to have very emotionally charged feelings for his ex is a sign that he has not been able to move on.

He tries too hard


Very often, you find your husband taking extra pains while dressing up to go to certain venues in case he runs into his ex. And when he does, he immediately transform from the laidback person you know to that vivacious and extremely popular person the ex made the mistake of letting go.

He spies on her

In an attempt to know if his ex is seeing someone else, your husband snoops on her facebook wall to see if anyone has left a flirtatious message. He even scours the facebook pages of his ex’s mom, sister and close friends to get the faintest hint of a new person in her life. If your husband is doing all this and possibly more, it is evident that he is still interested in his ex, what she is doing socially and about her relationships.

He goes out of his way to bump into her

This is a very clear sign that your husband still has hopes and goes out of his way to accidentally meet her. He most likely knows when and where his ex is to be found at certain times in a day. While there is no harm in running into an ex once in a while, if your husband has been strategically planning his movements in a day to bring it to pass, it is evident he still loves her.

He continues to hold onto her memories

As a couple, it is only to be expected that your husband and his ex shared many romantic moments in the past and made a lot of memories. But if your husband refuses to let go of things that hold symbolic significance of their relationship, you had better watch out.

He’s still close to her family

A major sign that he’s not over his ex is if he still hangs out with her family socially, like attending a dinner party organized by her family. There can be little plausible reasons that can explain him hanging on to those relationships other than him trying to win her back.

He considers her his best female friend

As his present spouse, you should be the most important person in his life now with whom he can share his joys and sorrows and look for support. If these functions are still being fulfilled by the ex, it is a sure sign as any that he still loves her.

He compares you to her

If you find your husband repeatedly musing about how great you are and so much better than his ex whether in the kitchen, with kids or in bed, then he’s probably actually still longing for her, yet trying to convince himself that he made a better decision by marrying you.

It just doesn’t feel right

If you get the gut feeling something is not right or he’s just not hundred percent committed to your relationship, then it could be because he is yet to get over his ex. While she may not be around physically, her shadow probably looms over your relationship, and influences how close your husband is with you emotionally and physically.

He stays in contact with her

When a married man keeps the lines of communication open with his ex without taking your feelings into consideration, that should let you know that he’s still in love with his ex. If he texts her daily, stays near his phone at all times in anticipation of her calls or texts, then you need to worry.You need to put your feet down and demand to be respected.



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