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Nigerian women and the Hebrew women delivery syndrome


Many pregnant Nigerian women are obsessed with the Hebrew women delivery syndrome.
In Nigeria, if you want to attract the wrath of an average pregnant woman, tell her that she would have her baby through Caesarean section.
The kind of curses you will receive immediately will be enough to raise your dead ancestors. You will be called the devil, agent of darkness and even a witch or wizard depending on your gender.
The worst hit are very religious women. These women have no regards for their lives or that of their unborn babies.
No wonder many of them have died because of rejecting a medical procedure that would have saved them and their babies lives.

Pregnant Woman
Pregnant Woman

If as a doctor, you tell these average, very churcheous women that the only way they can deliver their babies is through CS due to one complication or the other, you are in for it.
They will go on and on about how God has said they would deliver like the Hebrew women and how CS is against God’s plans for their lives.
If you even go further to lay all the cards on the table, try so hard to explain things to them, they will start avoiding you and your hospital.
And at the end of the day, when they have destroyed themselves and their babies, they try running back to your hospital to rope you in into their nonsense.
I won’t forget in a hurry the story of a woman who died with her baby because she refused to take the doctor’s advice to get an elective CS.
This woman, a banker and a very beautiful woman to behold was so happy to be pregnant with her first child just six months after she got married.
News had it that the hospital she had been going for her Ante natal care observed that the baby she was carrying was in transverse line and the only way she could put to bed was via C-section.
She informed her husband who doubles as a school proprietor and a pastor. This man told his wife to ignore her doctor’s advise that she won’t go under the knife but she’ll give birth to all her children like a ‘Hebrew woman.’
The couple went to see their doctor again and insisted that the woman should be put through the rigors of labour pain against the doctors professional advise. The doctor did more examination and scan to see if there’s any possibility for the woman to be placed under labor if she’s due, but realized that C-Section is her only option else she will endanger her life and that of her baby.
The husband of this woman got angry with the doctor’s persistent advice and the couple changed their hospital overnight and began to avoid their doctor.
The new hospital they went to did similar tests and it produced same result but the doctor in the new hospital thought they could perform a miracle without carrying out a CS.
During labour, this woman tried all she could to deliver her baby normally like they call it but unfortunately, she died with her baby.
There was nothing her new doctor could do to save her life or that of the baby. Her husband was shattered. But it didn’t stop him from remarrying one year after.
This is one in many cases where women have carelessly thrown their lives away because of pleasing their husbands or adhering to a religious slogan ‘delivery like the Hebrew women’s.
Women should start using their heads. Your life and that of your baby should be the most important thing to you before religion and any man.
There’s nothing abnormal about a Caesarean section birth. Stop calling it abnormal. The same way there’s nothing normal about vagina birth. Both have their pros and cons.
Nigerian women, be wise. You are not a Hebrew woman. Save your life first.

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  2. queen says

    Thank you for taking out time to write about this false belief that CS births are abnormal.

  3. Jessica says

    Thank you ma
    I’m.not a Nigerian but I’ve learnt a lot.

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