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10 mistakes newly married couples should avoid


There are many mistakes newly married couples should avoid to ensure that their marriage gets off to a great start. The wedding day might be the happiest day in a couple’s life but building a happy, lasting marriage is not a child’s play.

It takes hard work, commitment, forgiveness and loyalty to do that because there are many pitfalls on the way to lasting marital bliss. The good news is that these pitfalls can easily be avoided. Get your marriage off to an awesome start by avoiding these 10 mistakes.

Putting others first before your spouse

This is another deadly mistake. Your spouse is the most important person in your life immediately you are joined as man and wife. Don’t make them start fighting for attention with your family members. It is wrong.

Expecting your spouse to be just like you

Couples shouldn’t expect their partners to think and act in the same way. There will be disagreements about how to do things. The strength of your union should be in acknowledging each other’s differences.

Hiding important things from your spouse


Newlyweds should avoid the mistakes of lying to their spouses about important issues. Your spouse is the first person that should know when things are going great or bad for you. Don’t hid things from them.

Not giving your partner their space

If you think you must spend all your time with your spouse after you get married, you will kill your marriage. Being married doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. Give your partner some space and allow some breath of fresh air into your marriage.

Insisting that you are always right

This is a big mistake that many couples make, and are so insistent on being right that they compromise their marriage. A relationship is so much more than being right.

Failing to talk about money matters

You must talk about your budget with your partner as soon as you guys tie the knot. Arguments about money are the most explosive types and newlyweds should guard themselves well in this area.

Neglecting kind gestures

When you were dating, you both couldn’t stop showering each other with kindness. Don’t stop being kind to your partner because you have married them.

Getting too comfortable

Being comfortable with one another that you stop putting in effort to make your relationship work is a mistake. Don’t get too comfortable. Keep things edgy and spontaneous.

Getting outsiders involved in your issues

One of the mistakes newly married couples make is getting parents, friends and family involved in their issues. As long as it doesn’t involve domestic violence or emotional abuse, newlyweds should settle their beefs themselves.

Focusing on the wrong things

Couples should focus more on their partner’s good sides and strengths instead of magnifying their weaknesses. What you focus on will be amplified. Watch your minds newlyweds.





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