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A wise man builds his home but a foolish one tears it down


A wise man builds his home with his hands but a foolish tears it down. A wise man doesn’t neglect the place of prayer and intercession for his wife because he knows there are so many temptations out there. There are so many men after his woman and he must use the weapon of prayer to drive them far so that her affairs won’t break his home.

A wise man doesn’t report his wife to her mother because her advice can destroy his marriage. He must cover her bad behaviour, take her insults and endure her philandering with a humble and pious disposition. He also cooks different delicacies for his wife while she’s watching her favourite programmes on television because he knows she needs to relax after a hard day’s job.

A wise man doesn’t deny his wife sex no matter how tired he is. He doesn’t plan on pushing her out into the arms of handsome, sleek men. A wise man doesn’t have pot belly. He is constantly working on his body so that his wife doesn’t get tempted by men with toned abs and six packs. He knows women are moved by what they see.

A wise man doesn’t check his wife’s phones. What he doesn’t know won’t kill him. Even when she receives midnight calls and tells the other person how he made her feel in bed, he ignores just for peace to reign. A wise man hand washes his wife’s clothes without murmuring. He doesn’t need a washing machine because it will make him lazy.

A wise man stays awake till dawn to open the door for his wife and when she returns home and warms food for her to eat. He doesn’t ask where she’s coming from so that he won’t disturb the peace they enjoy. He knows that a woman must enjoy her life with her friends.

A wise man doesn’t report his wife to the police even when she’s beating him. He endures and prays more because prayers changes things. When she slaps him, he kneels down and apologizes for being wrong.

A wise man doesn’t quit his marriage when his wife cheats on him. He knows that she can’t be eating one type of soup everyday. He prays and fasts for her to have a change of heart. Even when she dumps another man’s child on him, he accepts all her shortcomings with patience. Marriage requires patience and endurance.

Wise man relaxing with his woman

A wise man fights side cocks to leave his wife alone. He calls them, warns them and threatens them to leave his wife alone because his marriage is very important to him. He doesn’t get angry with his wife even when his mother in law insults him. He tells her thank you for slapping him too. He’s saving his marriage.


A wise man begs his wife to come back home while she stays with her friends clubbing and partying. He doesn’t raise his voice so he won’t lose her completely. He is patient, tolerant and loving. No matter what his wife does, he knows that women will always be women and they can’t say no to some things.

Dear brothers, be a wise man today and build your home with your hands. Don’t destroy your marriage because of immaturity and jealousy. You don’t know how worse the next woman you want to marry might be. No matter how bad your wife is, just manage her. You know God hates divorce. Even if your wife beats and stabs you, pray for her to change. You must win her back with good behaviour.

Shower her with more love, buy red boxers and learn new sexual moves. You will definitely win her back if you add more midnight prayers to the mix. Don’t listen to your friends who are telling you to divorce your irresponsible wife. They just want to destroy your marriage so that they can take over your wife. They have been eyeing her for a long time. Don’t give them the pleasure of seeing your marriage pack up.

My brothers, fight for your marriage on your knees. There is nothing prayer cannot do. You have to remember that God answers prayers. Don’t forget the place of prayers in building your home. If you cannot fast for your cheating wife to change, engage the services of a prophet, they are ever ready to fast and pray on your behalf for a fee. You know that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.

Stick to your wife. You know that marriage is for better, for worse. Build your home. Pray for your woman and watch her come back to her senses. I wish you good luck.

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  2. Jijah says

    Serious minded men need to take this advice to heart. It will help them keep their homes.

    1. Kate says

      They really need to do that. They must protect their homes on their knees.

  3. Jennifer says

    Preach sister! Men with good home training are wise.

    1. Kate says

      Exactly babe. They need to protect their homes and marriages with these tips.

  4. Aijay says

    Men, this is how you lead your family and home to a better future.

    1. Kate says

      Gbam. They need to apply these tips for a happy home.

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