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10 telling signs you are dating the wrong man


Dating a wrong man is not good for you. You will have some doubts about your future when you are dating him. He will want you to play house without committing to your relationship.

Below are 10 glaring signs that you are dating the wrong man and you need to cut him loose.

He wants you to act and behave like his wife yet he won’t takes steps to marry you.

He wants to be in a relationship with you but he finds it hard to spend time with you.

He wants to have sex with you but he refuses to commit to you.

He wants all the benefits of being your man without taking on the responsibilities that come with being your man.

He is a childish man who has not matured emotionally. A wrong man is extremely jealous and insecure.

Woman with wrong man

He is not making you feel like you have a future with him. Each time you ask where your relationship is heading, he shuts down.


He wants you to compromise your standards. He demands for things he knows contrast with your beliefs and convictions.

He doesn’t want his family and friends to see you both together.

He makes you feel you are not good enough. He feeds on your insecurities and makes you feel he’s doing you a favour by being your man.

He doesn’t have the same interests as you. This doesn’t mean he must love everything you love, but if you both can’t agree on some things, he is wrong for you

Ladies, you should be in a relationship with someone who will make you better and not someone who makes you feel worse.

Don’t compromise the rest of your life by ending up with someone who isn’t good for you.

If you feel he’s wrong for you, then he probably is. Listen to your instincts.




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