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Dear married women, leave side chics alone


Dear married Nigerian women, stop fighting Side Chics.

Stop blaming Side Chics for the irresponsible actions of your husbands.

I pray you don’t meet the one that will kill you one day and your randy husband will move on with his life clutching another one like nothing happened.

Women, face your husbands and demand fidelity from them like they demand from you.

Those side Chics you are threatening with sudden deaths and acid bathe are not your problem.

Your problem sleeps on the same bed with you.

Your husband is the one who goes after these side chics.

I heard the story of a woman in Port Harcourt who went in the company of her friend to beat up her husband’s mistress because she was diverting his attention away from her and their children.



There have been instances of women calling out side chics to leave their husbands alone on social media.

It is funny that these women leave their erring husbands, the ones who made vows to be faithful on the altar and go after strangers who don’t owe them loyalty. I don’t understand this. These side chics didn’t enter into the marriage covenant with you. Choose your battles wisely.

Side Chics are not the problem

Someone told me that if a woman loves her husband that she would fight other women to leave him alone. I asked him if the men were forced into relationships with side chics or they have selective amnesia that they were married that will make their wives start fighting for them. He couldn’t answer my question.

By now, you must have watched the video of a woman calling out her husband’s side chic on Facebook. You must have taken time, used up your data in this biting economy to watch this video to the end. You must have pitied this woman who sounded hurt, pained and hopeless about her husband’s act of Father Christmas to a young girl.

You must have seen the picture of this girl and asked yourself what the man in question was looking for. You may have also justified his actions because in this society, women are always told that men are polygamous in nature, and a man can have as many women as possible as long as he can take care of them.

I know you must have also silently blamed the woman for not keeping her marriage and preventing her husband from being snatched. I wonder if these grown men are Gucci handbags to be stolen at will. I read many comments of people telling the woman to fast and pray for her husband because the devil was attacking her marriage and I laughed.

Dear wives association of Nigeria, side chics owe you anything. They didn’t say marriage vows with you. Don’t expect them to say no to your randy husbands that can’t keep their rods in one place. If your husband has a side chic, face him and deal with him. He’s the one breaking your marriage vows. You have no business with his many side chics.

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  2. Blossom says

    Are you sure you are not a side chick yourself? Why are you supporting them?

    1. Kate says

      Blossom, when you are done crying here, go and face your community penis horseband. Let him keep his marriage vows to you or is he a dog that can’t stay faithful to you?

  3. Crystal says

    Perfect post. It is exhausting seeing women fighting other women because their spouse cheated with the other woman. Yet, that woman will return home to be with the same man.

    Ask yourself, after fighting the current “side chick” will you be willing to fight the future ones? Also ask yourself whether your husband will be willing to fight other men for you. I bet he’ll boot you out of his life if you cheat on him.

    Why then would you be willing suffer what your spouse won’t suffer? I do not defend or excuse “side chicks” but philandering men ARE the problem. We need to teach our boys discipline, morality and responsibility the same way we teach girls. That is perhaps the only way to stop men from feeling entitled to cheat.

    1. Kate says

      Thank you. Women married to cheating men should hold them accountable to their marriage vows.

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