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No woman should give up financial freedom for marriage


No woman should give up her financial freedom for any man.

No woman should give up financial empowerment because of a marriage or a relationship.

One thing I hate hearing from women is “my husband doesn’t want me to work.” I don’t know how someone who claims to love you and who you share bodily fluids and saliva with will deny you your right to earn your own money and you will be proud to say in public.

See, let’s stop lying to ourselves. Any man that doesn’t want financial freedom for you is an enemy. He’s an enemy of progress. He’s an enemy you shouldn’t be sharing your bed and vagina with. He’s also an enemy of your future.

Financial empowerment for every woman

So what if he drops dead right now, what happens to you and your children? Where will you start from? Who do you turn to? How do you take charge of your life and that of your children? You are not even sure you are his next of kin.

Women, be wise. Stop listening to these people who won’t lift a finger to help you when shit hits the roof. Take charge of your life, finances and all. You are your own person. You are a whole being, marriage or no marriage.

Women, open your eyes wide while dating. Don’t be carried away by wedding preparations and sex that you overlook obvious red flags. Your brain will go on leave. Your financial freedom is your right.

Stop thinking you can change a man after marriage. Don’t start fighting a fight you cannot win. Marriage doesn’t change a man. If he wants a housewife and you are a career minded person, show him the door on time. Don’t say you will finger his brain to change his mind after marriage.


Leave confused men alone. They will destroy your life. A man who doesn’t know what he wants in a woman is an immature boy.

He will continue demanding you change yourself to please him until you lose yourself.

Don’t joke with your financial freedom. It’s your life. Your financial empowerment is your right, don’t allow any man take it from you.


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  2. Ebube says

    Beautifully penned.

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