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10 things Nigerian single ladies must do before getting married


Being single is not the worst thing that can happen to a woman.

The worst thing that can happen to any woman is marrying the wrong man and for the wrong reasons.

Single ladies might think they are missing life at this stage in their lives because of the way our society hounds them to go and get married.

Growing up, girls fantasize about their wedding day. They create a beautiful relationship with a prince charming in their heads and tend to live out that dream.

They imagine getting married to the most rich and handsome man ever. They imagine their beautiful children and how sweet their marital future would be.

But while dreaming about these things, many girls get into adulthood without truly living their lives. They just strive to make their fantasies a reality without truly feeling and living.

Living the single life

Given all the hype and pep talks about finding the Mr. Right and getting hooked in marriage, ladies often forget to focus on some important things they should be doing in their lives and for themselves before they get married.

Every single Nigerian lady should not stop pursuing their dreams because they want to get married. They should do these 10 things before signing the dotted lines.


1. Be independent. Don’t jump from your parents house to your husband’s house. Live with friends so that you can know how to deal with conflicts better.

2. Go for a trip alone. Visit that country you love. Relate with people from other cultures. Learn some things from them too.

3. Every single lady should make her own money. You must not go into marriage thinking it’s a way out of poverty. Work hard for your own money.

4. When you are single, build your business or your career. Don’t be carried away by getting married that you forget to be successful in your chosen field.

5. Enjoy your own company. Marriage doesn’t cure loneliness. You need to learn how to enjoy your own company.

6. Build meaningful relationships with your girls. You shouldn’t forget to mingle with ladies of like minds. This is the time to build great relationships with the girls.

7. Learn some life skills that will come in handy in your marriage. You don’t have to wait for your husband to do everything for you. Being single shouldn’t stop you from learning new things.

8. As a single lady, mingle with the opposite sex and get heartbroken too. This will help you deal with relationship conflicts better in the future.

9. Love yourself more and more. When you love yourself, you set the standards on how your future husband should treat you.

10. Dear single lady, live life on your own terms. You shouldn’t be living to please society and others because you want to get married. Live your life to the fullest.



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