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Why women should stop enduring bad marriages


Many women stay in relationships longer than they should because they tend to put the needs of others before their own.

They do everything to please their partners even if they are dying gradually. They believe that a woman must do everything to keep her marriage.

And since women often naturally take on the role of caretakers, many lose their identity just to hold on to loveless and unhappy marriages.

They are more concerned about what people will say and how society will see them if they dare to take the plunge and leave their bad marriages.

In order to be happy in life, a woman needs to stop distracting herself by putting other people’s needs ahead of her own. She needs to put herself first. She must stay in a peaceful union.

How women who stay with abusive husbands hurt themselves

What these women who stay with abusive men and keep enduring bad marriages don’t know is that their unhappy unions can have long term effects on their mental and emotional health.

Research shows that people in bad marriages usually end up with low self esteem. They struggle with anxiety and depression. They also have a higher rate of developing illnesses than those in happy marriages.

The next time you want to tell a woman to go back home and endure physical, emotional and psychological abuse, just know that you might be sending her to an early grave.


In the past, our mothers were told to keep their marriages at all costs whether it was robbing them of life, peace and sanity.

They stayed with abusive husbands and raised their children in such toxic environments.

Today, some of them are battling mental and emotional health issues because of their decisions to bear abusive treatments they got from their husbands.

They considered leaving an abomination and preferred to die in their marriages rather leave to live well. Many of them are still suffering from the outcomes of their decisions.

No marriage is worth any woman’s life or sanity on earth. There’s no marriage in heaven. Don’t stay in a dysfunctional marriage. Don’t stay with an abusive man. You are gradually killing yourself as a woman. Don’t stay till you end up dead.


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