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10 things couples should be doing during courtship


Courtship is a very important time in a couple’s lives. It is when they are getting to know each other better for the purpose of getting married.

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make, but many couples use the time for courtship for irrelevant things.

They spend the time having sex and going from one eatery to another. They focus more on how beautiful their wedding day should be instead how compatible they are regarding important issues.

Courtship is not the time to put up with negative behaviour because you don’t want another woman or man to snatch your partner.

It is not the time for ladies to prove the quality of their wife material by slaving away in their partner’s kitchens and on their beds.

It is not the time for men to impress their partners with their fat bank accounts and build castles in the air.

Courtship is a time for couples to talk about these things:

What couples should be doing during courtship
  1. Understand your partner’s life goals and support them to achieve their dreams. You both should have marriage goals too you must work to achieve.
  2. Meet both parents and family members. This is very important during courtship. You need to know the family you are marrying into because they will become your family too.
  3. Have arguments. There’s no relationship without arguments. But have healthy arguments.
  4. Get to know and meet each other’s friends. You must know the crowd your future husband or wife hangs out with.
  5. Talk about money and how you will run your finances. Don’t take this for granted during courtship. Money troubles have destroyed many marriages.
  6. Explore each other’s sexuality. Even if you don’t want to have sex before marriage, you should at least discuss it. Find out if you both are sexually compatible to avoid heartbreaking stories later.
  7. Apologize and mean it. Trash out issues and forget about them. Don’t take your partner for granted during courtship.
  8. Show your bad habits. Don’t pretend to be who you are not because you want to marry someone. Let your partner know your strengths and weaknesses.
  9. Disagree over issues but maintain your stand. Let your partner know that you are not a push over politely.
  10. Courtship period is the perfect time to find out your partner’s views on domestic violence, abuse and divorce. Don’t assume anything. If their views are different from yours and you can’t cope, take a walk early before you tie the knot.

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