Facebook celebrity Mike Ile allegedly dupes two women of 11 million Naira

This is not a good time for Facebook celebrity and philanthropist Mike Ile. He has been accused of duping two women of 11 million naira.

Instead of coming out to defend himself, he quickly deactivated his Facebook account. He has become the trending topic on Facebook as more people are coming to reveal the real man behind the philanthropist Mike Ile that everyone knows on Facebook.

Mike Ile is being accused of swindling people to the tune of 11.8 million Naira. He also has two attempted rape cases against him as well as violence against someone that he pulled a dagger on.

Facebook Celebrity Mike Ile

One Tunde Babafemi said on Facebook:

“Mike Ile’s real name is Mike Achimogwu.
He is a family man with 5 children by 3 different women. He actually married one of them under false pretense and lies.
He abandoned his duties as a father and goes on social medial to claim he is single.
He is a big time fraud and he didn’t start today.
Mike was dismissed from active service in Custom. He was a colleague of mine.
His mother is fully aware of his way of life and the way he dupes women by promising them marriage.
I feel Mike and his family should be interrogated properly so that he can provide answers to how he spent the money and how he will refund the women their money.
A visit to his mother and wife that stays in Minna, Niger State will help a lot in this investigation.
Oga Remi. You can contact me if you need more info about this fraudster.”

Mr. Remi Adeoye was the one who raised the alarm about Mike Ile’s fraudulent activities on Facebook and since then, all hell have broken loose.

Another Facebook user, Mr. Obinna Aligwekwe wrote:

“Look, it is time we stopped speaking in parables.


The person whom all the past scandals have been revolving around goes by the name Mike Ile on Facebook.

I am told that is not his real name, but very few people would not know the Facebook name Mike Ile.

Be wary of any financial dealings with this man, as he is confirmed to have defaulted on multiple loans and has allegations of fraud, blackmail and abandonement against him.

I have many more allegations that have been levelled against him, but won’t put it out as I do not have proof.

If I cannot get my money back, let it at least go a long way in saving others from falling victim in future.

Please, do not tell me a chap who has no regular job, is owing several millions, has defaulted by as long as several months but still keeps borrowing is not a fraud.

Once more, his name is MIKE ILE.

Don’t go asking me who this person is again.

I am totally disappointed in myself.

I have been such a poor judge of human character.

A legal wife? Five kids from three women?

I hope this is not true, but my instincts tell me it is.

Already the little I have dug personally from several credible people is mind boggling.

This chap even borrowed from Youth Corpers.

Perpetual harassment of female staff.

Dear friends, we are dealing with a sociopath.”

The identity of the two women Mike Ile swindled are yet to be revealed but the police is already aware of the case.


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  • juliet

    He’s been exposed, thank God.

  • Grace

    Thief I even celebrated him on my wall on his birthday.kai

  • Tolulope

    No be small thing. Human beings!