Ladies, marriage doesn’t change men’s negative behaviour

When it comes to relationships and marriage, women should stop thinking that they can change their men overnight.

If you think that years of negative behaviour will disappear immediately because of a ring and some vows, you should have a rethink.

If you know a man is violent and he slaps you whenever he feels like it, why do you think marriage will change him? The slaps will graduate to kicks and blows.

If you know your man is a cheat who will even have sex with sisters without blinking, marrying him with not change him.

Marriage doesn’t change men’s bad behaviour

Don’t claim victory over his many girlfriends by rushing down the altar with him. You have just signed dotted line with heartbreak and misery.

If you know your man is disrespectful and doesn’t hesitate to shut you up for daring to have an opinion, marrying him is the worst decision you will take.

He won’t suddenly start respecting you because you both are married. He won’t start respecting your opinions because he’s now your husband.

If you know your man belittles you and makes you feel worthless with his words, marrying him won’t change this negative behaviour. It will aggravate it.


Women should start thinking about the kind of lives they want to live with their men by taking note of their negative behaviour instead of scheming to get married at all costs.

Pay attention to your man’s temper, words, actions, associations and friendships. Don’t believe the lie that marriage will change him. He has to decide to change by himself.

Stop turning a blind eye to your man’s negative behaviour and then start crying and whining after marriage. You shouldn’t be putting up with a man who hurts you.

Walk away on time. Your sanity and peace of mind should be more important than showing all your friends that you have finally landed a husband. Be wise!

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