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Nigerian churches should start teaching men how to keep their homes


Nigerian churches and pastors should stop enabling bad behaviour in men. It is not only women that should build their homes.

Many churches organize programmes for women. They gather these women together to drum it into their heads that a wise woman builds her home.

They tell these women to submit more to their husbands even in life threatening situations. They blame these women for being abused by men who should love and protect them. They also blame the devil.

They remind these women to pray for their husbands because these men face many temptations out there. But where are the husbands praying for their wives?

Are these women the only ones who make up these homes they must die to build? Where are marriage building programmes for Nigerian husbands? Don’t these men need to know how to build their homes too?

Why should the church be hounding hurt women with building their homes while they stylishly refuse to call irresponsible husbands to order? Are these husbands bigger than the churches they attend and their pastors?

Churches in Nigeria should focus on building godly men

The churches in Nigeria have taught women enough things about home building to last for centuries, they should focus their attention on men. They should start teaching these men how not to scatter their homes with their actions.

Men should be responsible enough to build their homes with their wives. They should be held accountable for their actions too. They shouldn’t be excused with men will be men annoying phrase whenever they err.


The pressure on women to continue enduring bad marriages from Nigerian churches are depressing. Many women are losing it because they think they are failing to keep their marriages.

It takes two to make a marriage work. Women shouldn’t be building their homes alone. Church people should stop bastardizing ‘A wise woman builds her home with her hands.’ They should focus on the foolish men tearing down their marriages and getting away with it too.

Leave women alone. They have had enough. Focus on men. Teach them to fear God. Teach them to love their wives and be ready to die for them like Christ did. Teach them to submit to their wives. Teach them to be faithful to their wives. Teach them to build their homes.

Men need teaching on how to keep their wives from being snatched too. They need prayer meetings where they will raise their voices in one accord and petition heaven on behalf of their wives.

Men should be taught how to treat their women well. They don’t know it all. They shouldn’t be left alone while women are being harassed to keep their homes. Husbands need to sit up.

Dear Nigerian churches, focus on building godly husbands and stop empowering irresponsible behaviour in these men. They are not tin gods.


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