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Amara Blessing Nwosu cannot win social media war with me -Francis Van-Lare


I want to move past Amara Blessing Nwosu matter.

Anyone who knows her should tell her that she cannot win a social media war with me .

I cleaned up my wall of posts related to her after she moved out.

She is now sending documents to bloggers, documents that do not tarnish me as she had nothing on me.

One Ike posted her furious claims. I tried to restrain from responding however if I kept quiet a lie can become truth.

Well go to Ike Michael wall read her claims he posted and read more revelations about her and her oil and gas cum Governorship candidate and a judge she was dating all married men. Names mentioned.

If I see any more rubbish from her and her friends I will resume my campaign about her deceit on my wall and this time posting screenshots none stop until I run her out of Facebook.

Enough said she should leave me alone. Arrogance and pride gets no one anywhere and if you want to be prideful and arrogant then carry the price of ingratitude.


Go to Ike wall to get more revelation and if she does not stop more and more revelation until me and my powerful blogger friends run her out of Facebook.

Francis Van-Lare wants to move on from Amara issue

You see this picture below? Taken July 21 2017 in Tampa Florida one of my worst weekends with her since we married.

BIFOBA is my passion then she used an app to clean out BIFOBA and all lettering and myself from the picture and was getting ready to post the picture without BIFOBA and me on her fan page as if she was not at the event.

That evening I said to myself any woman who does support my passion must go even if you are Oprah.

The picture cleaning was the last straw I could take coupled with other rubbish going on for months.

I returned from Florida she went to be a judge at a pageant I wanted to attend with her and she even went there with an expensive dress and BMW X6 I bought and she refused my going with her.

Next morning I filed for divorce and we are where we are now. So if you know her tell her not to get me started otherwise I will start calling out more names. I called three on Ike’s wall.

One thing she should learn is taking responsibility for her actions. If anyone knows her please tell to stop trying to recruit bloggers if I start again no stopping.

Francis Van-Lare should move on already. Sighs.

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  2. Grace says

    Oga go and rest mbok

    1. Kate says

      He needs to grow up and stop throwing tantrums like a child whose candy was taken away.

  3. Francis says

    Animal.or ewu. All the women you sent stupid love or sex on WhatsApp and text are forming an organization and they will disgrace you drug dealer.

  4. Zika says

    This man is an example of what not to marry. His a disaster. I feel so sorry for Amara for getting involved with a thing like this. She let herself down.

    1. Kate says

      You are right.

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