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Why I haven’t been to a hospital in five years -Kate Henshaw


Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw is a delight to watch on screen.

She’s one of the best actresses Nigeria has ever produced. She keeps her fans glued to their TVs with her role interpretation.

Aside thrilling her fans with her acting prowess, Kate Henshaw is also a fitness enthusiast.

Kate revealed that she has not visited a hospital in  five years since she discovered the benefits of exercising about seven years ago.

Kate Henshaw and her body goals

“I began to really do exercises about seven years ago and the benefits are just numerous. I can see the changes in my body and my health is great. I have not been to the hospital in five years.”

Before Kate began to exercise, she used to have malaria, fever or typhoid almost every month but she has not been to the hospital for anything and she knows it is because of the exercise and the fact that she decided to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Kate revealed that the more you exercise your body, the stronger you get. She keeps pushing her limits at the gym because that is what she is supposed to do.

Kate stated that athletes and people who cherish their health never stop training, they keep going.


Last week, Kate put out a daring picture of herself on Instagram showing her well toned abdomen. She captioned it “Six packs loading.”

But some of the reactions she got from her followers were unexpected. Even though Kate was happy with her body and her achievements, some people thought otherwise.

They told her to stop exercising because a woman’s body is supposed to be soft and not hard. They insulted her with some of their comments. Some claimed she was looking more and more like a man these days.

But Kate ignored all the negative criticism and responded to only comments that encouraged her to be more. She also encouraged those who wanted to embrace the healthy and fitness lifestyle.

I love Kate Henshaw and I am proud that she’s living her life on her own terms. Nigerians should learn to leave people’s lives alone.


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