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Nigerian men are now afraid to die in violent marriages


When a woman is killed by her abusive spouse, you claim she might have provoked him.

You ask for the other side of the story. You slut shame her even in death.

You blame her for getting killed at the hands of the man who is supposed to love and respect her.

Now, you are singing a different song because a man was killed.

You have refused to ask for the other side of the story.

You have refused to blame the victim for getting killed because it was a man.

You have not slut shamed him for divorcing one woman and marrying another.

You have refused to tell men suffering from domestic to watch War Room and fight for their marriages on their knees.

Men are getting killed by their wives these days in Nigeria.

You are no longer singing ‘God hates divorce’ because the victim was a man.

You didn’t advise men suffering domestic violence to fast and pray for their abusers to change.

You have suddenly realized that men too need to leave abusive relationships and marriages.

You now know that ‘leave to live’ is not only applicable to women.

You are now telling men in violent marriages to leave so that they won’t die at the hands of their wives.

You people are just smelly hypocrites. It is now that you know no one should endure beatings and violence because it had dawned on you that it can happen to any man.

You people didn’t blame the dead man for not keeping his marriage or prevent his wife from killing him.

But if it were a woman that was killed, you will blame her and slut shame her too.

Violence against both genders is unacceptable.

Men and women should not think twice about running for dear life when they are in violent and toxic relationships.

No man or woman deserves to die at the hands of their lovers or spouses.

Speak against violence. You don’t know when you might swallow your words.

Leave to live is for both men and women. Stop supporting evil because it is happening to women.

Speak out against violence because it wrong.

Nobody deserves to be killed by a violent partner.

Nobody should endure violence too.


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