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Wives, Side Chicks And The Law Of Karma

Many married women with cheating husbands threaten side chicks with karma. This means that these ladies would reap what they sow.
These women whose husbands chase everything in skirt, shorts and bikinis don’t hesitate to remind these side chicks that karma would get them for dating their husbands.
They remind them that when they eventually get married, their husbands would cheat on them too and they would pay for all the pains they are causing them in their marriages.
These women who are quick to throw karma around also believe that these ladies are to blame for the affairs they have with their husbands.
Wives, side chicks and the law of karma
It is interesting to note that these women refuse to hold their erring husbands accountable for their actions. They blame a third party instead.
Cheating married men are the ones who should be threatened by karma because they are the ones breaking their marriage vows to their wives.
Some of these men lie to these ladies just because they want to have sex with them. Some lie that they are not married.
Others lie that they are divorced and some lie that they are widowers while their wives are still alive and well.
So, who should karma deal with? Why should karma only deal with side chicks and spare these cheating men? Is karma gender selective?
Why are some women quick to play the karma card when it is clear that their husbands don’t respect and their marriage vows?
Don’t get me wrong, I am not making excuses for side chicks. I know that some of them are evil and desperate to trap rich men just to milk them dry.
I also know some of them are schemers who love to destroy peaceful homes. But there are exceptions in some cases.
So, is this karma thing real? Do side chicks end up with husbands who cheat on them too because they did that to some women in the past?
Do side chicks suffer when they eventually get married because they caused other women pain and suffering?
How many side chicks of yesterday ended up with chronic cheats as husbands?
Some women claim that if your husband is cheating on you today, it means you slept with someone’s husband in the past.
How true is this?
What about women who got married as virgins, did they cheat with anybody’s husband to end up with chronic cheats as husbands?
These things baffle me.
I need some answers.
Does the law of karma truly work against side chicks?

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