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10 ways your diet affects your health


Your diet affects your health. Healthy eating affects your body the same way unhealthy eating affects your body.

Your diet doesn’t only affect your weight, it also affects your complexion, hair, nails, mood and self esteem.

So how does healthy eating affect your body you may ask?

Below are 10 ways your diet has effects on your health, body and beauty.

It affects your weight

When you eat the wrong types of food you will put on weight. Obesity can lead to sicknesses such as diabetes and heart problems.

It affects your skin

How does eating healthy affect your body? Bad diet gives you dull complexion, and breakouts. Your skin will look more radiant and clear of blemishes if you eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetables as well as enough protein.


It slows ageing process

Your diet can also have an impact on how quickly you begin to show signs of ageing. Eating fruits and vegetables helps to fight the cell damage caused by free radicals and reduces wrinkles.

It makes your hair dull

When you don’t take in sufficient minerals and vitamins through your diet, your hair follicles will become unhealthy and your hair will become weaker and dull.

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It weakens your muscles

Bad diet weakens your muscles. If your muscles start to get weak, then you won’t be able to work out and it will affect your posture too. Keep your muscles well-toned with protein foods.

It makes your nails break easily

If your nails break easily, then you need to change your diet. Without good nourishment, your nails will become weaker.

It puts you in a good mood

How does eating healthy affect your mental health, it puts you in a great mood? The smile on your face will make you look even more beautiful.

It helps you make good decisions

But how does eating healthy benefit you? When you eat the right kind of food, it will have a positive impact on your overall mental well being.

It affects your eyes

What are the physical benefits of healthy eating? Your eyes sparkle when you eat right. If you are not drinking enough water and eating the right foods, then it will show in your eyes and your lashes too.

It provides your body with Omega-3 fatty acids 

How does nutrition affect your health? Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails, and your body can’t make them by itself.


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