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10 things you should never tolerate in a relationship


Woman, you should never tolerate disrespect in your relationships. No matter how much you love and need a man in your life, what you tolerate becomes your standard.

Even though the importance of tolerance in a relationship cannot be overemphasized, you don’t need to set yourself on fire for a man who doesn’t care about your feelings.

Your relationship should make you happy, fulfilled and excited about life. You shouldn’t feel stifled, repressed, or unloved. That means dying gradually.

Unfortunately, many women stay in unhappy relationships because they fear being alone or can’t picture their life without the man treating them like trash even if their current situation is pitiful.

Every woman deserves love, respect, and compassion, in her relationships, but if your partner doesn’t provide you with these things, you might want to rethink your relationship with him.

There are things you should tolerate in a relationship but you should never tolerate the 10 things listed below for your peace of mind.

10 things you should never tolerate in a relationship

He doesn’t support your dreams. Forget what society tells you, if your man doesn’t support your life dreams and goals, he doesn’t deserve to be in your life. You shouldn’t give up your dreams for a man.

He’s unavailable emotionally. Your man should be emotionally available; otherwise, you won’t be able to have a successful relationship with him. If he can’t be emotionally available, he needs to sort out his deep-seated issues.


He uses disrespectful language. If he puts you down, calls you names and makes you feel uncomfortable, take a walk. Even when you argue, he shouldn’t treat you with disrespect.

He’s a controlling partner. If that man can’t let you out of his sight or trust you, leave him. You don’t need someone who feels the need to control every aspect of your life and your relationship.

You don’t come first to him. Your man should prioritize you over other things. If he doesn’t take his time to make you feel special, you should know that you deserve someone better who will treat you like a Queen.

He breaches your trust. If you can’t trust your man, talk to him about it, or end the relationship before you get in too deep. You should feel comfortable and respected in your relationship for it to work. A lack of trust will kill your relationship.

He is irresponsible. You should never tolerate a man who isn’t willing to take care of his domestic and financial responsibilities. Don’t allow him to depend on you to do all the dirty work for him.

He doesn’t listen to you. You should feel comfortable talking honestly and openly to your man. If he regularly makes you feel like your opinion or thoughts don’t matter, this means he doesn’t really value you as a person.

He is constantly needy. If your man can’t do anything without you, it’s time to run for dear life. He will suffocate you with his clingy attitude. It is not wrong to feel wanted in a relationship but too much of everything is bad. A man who doesn’t display independence is a red flag.

He’s full of negativity. A man who focuses on the negative tends to blame his woman for all his problems. Don’t ever settle for someone who displays such negativity about life. He will only drag you down with his negativity.


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